1st experience of a synthetic brush

Just to share.

Had a shave today to try the `GFCC lime ( see other post ) but also my first ever run with a synth. Yaqi 30mm tux.

VERY nice brush, did the job and I was impressed until I went to put it away. Something is not quite right. It does not dry like a badger. Well of course it would not. Rinse yer badger, give it a flick on a towel. Like drying a dog's coat. Leave it to develop and wow, dry and bloomed. The synth did not seem to do this. Took a while to dry out and then - no bloom. Have I been cheated?

Well no, not cheated but there is definitely something more 'caveman' about a badger with a tight knot, touch of backbone and feather like tips. ( and no, that is not a euphemism!! )
I have a Super Badger by Jagger and a Jagger Synthetic of the same size. I like them both. I can use them both equally well, though the synthetic seems a little firmer.

I cannot compare them on a daily basis as the badger is in UK and the synthetic is in Cyprus.

The Super Badger cost a lot more. If I was buying again would I pay the extra? Probably not, but if it were a present I would accept the Supper Badger with thanks and grace.
My favourite brushes are the newer generation synths. I use RazoRock Plissoft currently. Speed of soaking, good water retention and lathering performance. They take no time to dry.

My worst brush is a medium best badger from Edwin Jagger. Floppy, and no back bone. Not good for face lathering; ok for ‘painting’ after bowl lathering. As a 99% face latherer, I seldom use it.

I still enjoy my 3 Semogue boars, when I want something a bit different. The big 2000 is a lather beast; and the 1470 is perfect.
Poorly worded. Sorry. Holds just the right amount of water to provide an excellent lather; without too much additional water. I find the Badger too ‘wet’, even when damp. The boars often need further ‘dipping’ to get that balance. A damp synth works perfectly well across a variety of tallow and non- tallow soaps; thirsty and not so.