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A cup of tea...

Discussion in 'Food and Drink Talk' started by AlexNoodles, Sunday April 26, 2015.

  1. Currently drinking DJ Miles, as finally our new catering sized bag arrived! We ran into this tea whilst on last years holiday in Exmoor as in many tea rooms this was what they served.

    Liked it so much when we got home we ordered a box, and when that was gone a catering bag, and then another, and another! That's now pretty much our standard tea. Lovely brew!

    Thought I'd share :)

    What tea do you guys prefer?
  2. I have come to like American South. It's grown in South Carolina. It's not easy to get even here in the States but I buy some each time I visit there.
  3. Keemun is one of my favourites but I recently got some Rwandan Gisovu from Bettys in Harrogate and it's very nice indeed.
  4. Bechet


    Have a look at Kent and Sussex Teas - and drool!
  5. Electrif


    I grew up in the NE of England with Ringtons tea. I remember the old paper packets of tea being delivered from the big wicker basket.
    I still get this tea every fortnight, delivered in a big wicker basket.
  6. PhilD


    Twinings English Breakfast (when it's on offer)
  7. Up until around 10 years ago there was a tea and coffee shop called Brewers of Southsea. They sold loose leaf tea, freshly ground coffee, and all manner of teapots, coffee percolators (the 'dalek' ones), and tea making accessories. Their best tea was India and Ceylon blend. The shop closed around 2005.

    Another tea I liked was Luaka organic tea - brilliant tea from Sri Lanka.

    I used to buy tea from Whittards of Chelsea, but the local shop closed last year.

    But my main brand is now Ahmad, where you can buy a 500g box of loose leaf tea, either Earl Grey, Cardamom, or Ceylon. I mix a 500g box with 50g of green gunpowder tea, and brew using filtered water from a Brita jug, strain, and serve with soya milk. A box lasts around 2 to 3 months, and costs £3.99.
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  8. MrK1


    Re: RE: A cup of tea...


    Great tea, prefer it black though.
  9. Lovely tea that, that was our previous staple tea, before we ran into the Miles one :)
  10. alancrab


    Warm and wet with just a drop of milk in a ¾ pint mug. Guess I'm just man of simple tastes
  11. DPTC


    Green tea, the de-caff version, great for a little cleanse after a fryup!
  12. Two of my favourites Tippy Assam from Betty's tea room, or a lovely full bodied everyday tea that's hard to beat Yorkshire Gold, always brewed in a teapot of course please no one tell me they make tea in a cup sacrilege.
  13. jds


    Whenever I go to Oxford I stock up on Assam Tips from Cardew's in the Covered Market. Strong and and malty. On the rare occasions when I get 15 minutes to myself in the morning I like nothing better to brew a big pot of this and savour the moment. Great value too at £4.50 for 250gms.

    If you are in Oxford the Covered Market is well worth a visit. Great butchers, fishmongers, green grocers and other little independents. It's how shopping used to be.
  14. Morrison's Assam - cheap as chips and a good red malty brew! I like my Rosie Lee a very dark rose indeed!
  15. I like their Rooibos green tea. Used to drink the regular Rooibos but it gave me migraines due to the high tannin levels. Also been trying their caramel tea. Odd but ok.

  16. Celar36


  17. dodgy



    First , let me just say I know about nothing regarding tea, and only sometimes drink it when at Chinese restaurants. Tried other varieties too over the years but nothing hit me.

    I think the reason is because when compared to coffee, tea is so horribly insipid. All pretty much tastes the same and a waste of good hot water.

    Hah, you Limeys and other foreigners) and your tea fetish is always amusing to read about, How you do go on about such a boring drink always makes me smile. As everyone knows, it's one of the reasons y'all can look sorta gay to the Yankers like myself.

    Hah, not to mention you guys dunking cookies in tea. Only thing close to that here is when the hillbillies briefly submerge their HostessTwinkies in Mountain Dew before eating.


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  18. Bechet


    It's about refeenment, Martin - something you Yankers lack utterly - but make up for in many other ways. Coffee in the afternoon? Very American and just not done over here, don't y'know!

    'Very American' is loaded with implication and none of it positive. It is said with an expression that suggests looking down one's nose without actually doing so - which would be very rude, indeed. Ah! tea is a subtle refreshment for gentlefolk. Standard British brew isn't, mind, but still stalwartly defended against coffee and in much the same terms.
  19. Poor yankies, dont understand our tea, don't understand our humour, don't understand our beer. All three should be dark and slightly bitter.
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