Against the grain

My initially tricky transition to DE razor shaving has produced an interesting quirk!

Having found holding the razor so awkward on the very first go-around (particularly in the case of the 34C's short handle), not only do I have more confidence holding it now but I've actually found manoeuvring on the against the grain pass way easier than with my regular Gillette cartridge!

I don't know if that's just unique to the psychology in my own learning curve or maybe it has something to do with this traditional fixed razor head where one must train oneself to already find the angle, eventually making things easier than the wide, pivoting, downward designed paddle of a cartridge head put dragged into reverse. But whatever it is I've never enjoyed going against the grain until now.

And the result feels noticeably smoother too, whereas with a cartridge it just felt like a pointless, painful additional pass. One more plus on top of the nicer shaving cream I can chalk up to switching.
I shaved with a cartridge razor all my adult life bar the last 6 months. In roughly 20 years I must have only gone ATG with that about 5 times as it destroyed my neck and I always regretted doing it soon after. Not sure how you managed dragging a cart razor in reverse up your chin so often!

ATG is still the bane of my life at times. Last night I had what felt like a good shave, though I deliberately left out any ATG action. I then sat down to watch the snooker and realised I hadn’t got anywhere near close enough under the jawline. Part of the DE experience is learning a bit with each shave. I’ve learnt that I can get away without frequent ATG on the neck, but NOT on the sides under the jawline!
ATG anywhere., especially with an aggressive razor.
Ah, ok. I only use a DE89 anyway. Gonna try WTG then XTG both ways next time. One thing I do NOT miss about cartridges is flaming ingrowers.

OP: An interesting article here on going ATG:

I know that a 30 degree angle is generally recommended for DE shaving, I have to keep reminding myself of this as I know I can get too steep at times. I think this is the first time I've seen it recommended to go even shallower during the ATG pass, so I'll give this a go next time.
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