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Announcement - Forum Spam

Discussion in 'Feedback and Help Requests' started by globalm, Friday February 2, 2018.

  1. globalm

    globalm Administrator Staff Member


    As you have all no doubt noticed, we have been getting a lot of spam recently. Many thanks for reporting the posts. Please continue to do so.

    In an effort to reduce the issue, I have configured the system to recognise a number of 'Spam Phrases' in order to prevent the post being made. Although I have chosen these for minimal impact on valid postings, I would ask everyone to contact me or one of the other mods if you are being incorrectly stopped from posting anything.

  2. I especially appreciate the image based captcha, to make it more enjoyable can we have those with say shaving brushes?

    Example, press all the images that show a toxedo knot

    I had my TOBS mixed with the GFT but it's all YMMV on SOTD..

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