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Any AV nuts out there? :D

Discussion in 'Computers and Technology' started by Rottie, Wednesday February 3, 2016.

  1. Boab

    Boab Administrator Staff Member

    Resurrecting an old thread, I took delivery of a new sub yesterday. British made by BK electronics and very nice it is too.
    Made to order and lead time was around 10 working days. I had forgotten how important a sub is, with the low frequency once again passed to the sub the small speakers are free to do what they do best.
  2. Rottie


    Nice one, @Boab
    BKs really are the dog's danglies when it comes to home user subs :)
  3. My setup consists of Panasonic 50" 3d tv, PS4, Panasonic blu-ray player and Sky box. Sound wise Pioneer vsx 924, B&W 601,s rear, 602 Front, LC6 Centre and a Rel sub cant remember what model, had the B&W speakers 20 years and still working, then in the sun room I have an old Pioneer amp and Yamaha speaker package PS4 hooked up to an Optoma projector and a 100" screen, plan is to upgrade the amp to an new model Onkyo as there are no HDMI inputs on the Pioneer and I would like to change the to a 3D projector.

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