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Any bikers?

Discussion in 'Sports and Pastimes' started by Smoothy cheeks, Saturday January 6, 2018.

  1. As in motor, not pedally. Into my comfy bikes these days (BMW 1200GSA).
    Off the road for the winter at the moment, roll on Spring!
  2. Not any more unfortunately but I was riding from the early 80s up untill a few years ago but had to give up due to health reasons.
    I had all sorts of bikes from ratty Honda CB 200s to my last bike a 1976 Kawasaki Z650 which was in pristine condition and was my pride and joy. The bikes that gave me the most smiles per mile were my Honda CB 400 fours, I had a couple of them, I liked them that much!
    Ride safe :) P.
  3. captain_hx


    Suzuki DL650 V-Strom (2008)
    Our 10-Year Anniversary is just around the corner :)
  4. Bizzyberry


    Not anymore for me, maybe when I retire I will get another bike. Last bike was a Honda RVF400, a bit on the small side but great around really twisty roads, of which I had plenty around me at the time. If I get another bike it will be something with a far more upright and less cramped riding position.
  5. Got this at the end of summer last year. Only a 125, but it’s good fun. Planning on doing my direct access test this year.

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  6. Moto Guzzi Breva 1100 at the moment, but unfortunately having to sell soon as a second car is a bigger priority.

    It is the first time in 30 years I will have been without a boke but a return will happen when I retire
  7. Vinny67


    I have a 1998 Honda CBR1100 Blackbird, had for 12 years but unfortunately don't get out on it much due to work and other commitments, but I would never sell her.
  8. Nice bikes them Blackbirds. Gave mine a run out yesterday for half an hour.
    I remember now why I don't bother when the temp is in single figures!
  9. culcreuch


    I have a Suzuki SFV650. Bought it almost 9 years ago when I moved to wales. I did take a liking to a V-Strom last year....but the trade in was so low......I decided to keep it. I ride regularly and will keep it as long as I have my health. My ambition is to come out of the house some morning.......point the bike North....and just keep riding!
  10. Vinny67


    I thought your GS had all the mod cons (everything heated) lol :)
  11. It has, but the heated grips are noted for being crap. Mine's a 14 plate and they're supposed to be a lot better on the new ones.
    Be an expensive pair of heated grips to upgrade.
  12. Do it mate. I did that last June, headed North West and just kept going. Nothing planned or booked, jumped on and went. Rode until late afternoon each day then looked for b&b.
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  13. Vinny67


    That is very true lol

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