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Arko soap holder - a Eureka moment

Discussion in 'Shaving Soaps' started by Neep, Friday July 15, 2011.

  1. Neep


    In the post today came a stick of that wonderful Arko shaving soap. It is wonderful soap except for one thing.... it comes just wrapped up in foil paper, and so it is not easy to use without soap getting everywhere. And travelling with it is just about impossible.

    So I got to thinking. What it needs is a tube or something to keep it in.

    Then came the Eureka moment!
    In the bathroom there was an old and now unused deodorant stick in a push-up container. You screw the little knob on the base and the deodorant stick pushes up.


    Pulling out the deodorant stick was easy. Then I noticed that you have a lot of container, but only a small space for the product. (Mumbles of cheating inserted here). The Arko soap wasn't going to fit in that small space.


    Then I realised that the "piston" had a long stem, but the screw was in its head. It was the length of the stem that prevented the piston from being unscrewed further down the container to allow more "product" to be added.


    So... I simply sawed it off.

    Now it can be fitted back into the container with a lot more space available.

    Next, cut some slices off the Arko soap bar, and start to stuff it into the container. The soap is really soft and pliable, and so it goes in easily.

    Nearly there....

    And done. The whole bar of Arko soap went in.


    We have a really practical screw up container for the Arko soap, and it can also travel anywhere. Its even worth buying a cheap deodorant just to get the container.
    Smiple! ;-)

  2. I had an old Erasmic stick which I thought was dire; the stick went but the red plastic base grip fits the Arko stik perfectly.

    I also had an old tub of Erasmic soap; again out went the soap and in went the Arko, suitably crushed and pressed firmly down - perfect.

    Aha I hear you cry, Erasmic! The new Erasmic "Supreme" soap stick is completely different - it's wonderful.
  3. Boab

    Boab Administrator Staff Member


    check that thread for inspiration.
  4. LOL, nice job! I have it in an Avon cream box, you know with the screw-on lid... saves the shaving bowl for me as I'm lathering it up in the box itself...

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