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Discussion in 'Reviews' started by longplay, Tuesday January 9, 2018.

  1. longplay


    Finished a review cycle for this, my final summary:

    This cream comes from Belgium and is designed to help men with sensitive skin by combating razor burn and irritation.

    This proved to be a pleasant product to use. As long as I had sufficient cream, it was easy to lather, but it did seem to require more than some others.

    Slickness and protection were generally good too, with few nicks encountered. That’s not to say it was perfect.

    I rarely got a great finish, but the results were usually pretty good. This, along with the lack of nicks, may be down to it being used with some fairly tame blades.

    Fragrance-wise, I was able to pick up the pleasant notes but it didn’t tend to linger throughout the shave. It’s not bad when you can pick it up.

    It’s not the cheapest cream but it’s far from the most expensive.

    For me, it didn’t quite make it into the top tier. It’s a solid product but didn’t quite seem to shine.

    Full review here.
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