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Bay Rum - Massive Interest...

Discussion in 'Executive Shaving' started by Executive Shaving, Tuesday February 21, 2017.

  1. We are blown away by the demand for all things Bay Rum. Our latest offering is a large 377ml Pinaud Body Splash and two of our magnificent Bay Rum Shaving Creams. Bought individually - £39.00, bought as a set only £34.00. Use your TSR12 discount code and get an additional 10% discount. TSR price - £30.60. Shop here:
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  2. No, as a matter of fact I hadn't seen that. Thank you.

    I've tried the Pinaud Bay Rum in the past, and it wasn't really to my taste.

    The best Bay Rum I've used so far is the Ogallala Bay Rum with Limes and Peppercorns. Excellent stuff!

    I'm really after the St. Johns now, though!

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