Best Deodorants

Sorry, a bit of a random non-shaving topic, mods feel free to move but wasn’t sure where to put this.

Just wondering which deodorants you recommend? I’ve used Lynx roll-ons for as long as I remember. Recently I ran out and instead of just buying another, decided to try a few roll-ons I had in the draw leftover from gift packs, etc. I’ve tried a Nivea one which wasn’t very good, and last couple of days a L’oreal ‘men expert sensitive control 48 hour’ one which was absolutely atrocious and had me stinking like only 4 hours after showering and applying it. Incredible that they advertise it as working for up to 48 hours if it won’t work for 4. I noticed also that they do a 96 (yes, 96) hour one. Would anyone seriously go 4 days without putting deodorant on after using that?

As it’s worked ok for me for years, I’ll probably go out and get another Lynx, but am just curious as to what deodorants are good and last as long as possible into the day. Thanks!
I use some selfmade one. A mix of coconut oil, baking soda, teatree and orange oil. There are a lot of recipes out there. I found, that you do not need the starch or arrowroot powder that is mentioned in most recipes.
It really works.
I didn’t realise we had so many smelly hippies on TSR, with their home made deodorant

I’m tempted to try Razorock deo, but I’m just not sure I could cope with smelling for 2 weeks, whilst my body purged itself of the antiperspirant, and got used to the Razorock.

Anyone tried it?

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See my recipe above . Razorock "Only 3 base ingredients, all of whtch you can pronounce! Natural Soda, for use in organic production, Non GMO Corn Starch, and organic Vegetable Glycerin".

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Thanks guys. Surprised to see homemade deodorants being promoted. Whatever works I guess. I picked up a Gillette Cool Waves gel stick one earlier, half price at £1.50. Took blooming ages to dry. Will see how far into a full day it lasts and perhaps try alum as well.

That L’Oréal stuff was truly shocking. Never in my life have I felt so absolutely enraged at a crap deodorant by mid morning :mad:
I just shower twice a I don't fancy smelling like a dottering old professor who reeks like a billy goat's azzhole. :eek: Since I shower twice I merely use a cheap Mennen stick as it will make it till the night. I used to use a crystal, but due to high heat/humidity where I live it petered out after a mere few hours.