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Bigger bottles

Discussion in 'Bart's Balm' started by hectorsgaf, Tuesday June 12, 2018 at 15:45.

  1. Ok, so how do I stop using this 'in passing' as well as post shave? Is this a Bartdiction?

    Have you considered larger sizes? Bart's Bigger Balms maybe?

    Or 3 for 2 , bogof, etc etc? :cool:
  2. Just buy more with your 10% off each purchase, end of problem! :) P.
  3. Yes, already done that. ;)
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  4. Problem solved, I like the size of those bottles, I think Bart got it just right especaly if you go for the full range of scents, I must buy more myself. ;) P.
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  5. Well I do like the light weight bottles and the three pumps and 'good to go' approach.
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  6. You are not the first to ask about bigger bottles and I take that as a big compliment :)

    However once you go down that road it becomes a bit tricky with postage, as it gets a bit expensive.

    I have actually been thinking about the bottles recently and a possible change, in the future but then I do think they do a good job, so not too sure. I actually really like tubs, rather than bottles but again it is a postage issue.

    Would would you say would be an ideal? A bottle/tub/size with pump without etc?
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  7. As is Bart. If it ain't broke don't fix it! :) P .
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  8. Burry


    I’m glad it’s not just me who does this.
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  9. How would you get on with the AS Lotion in a tub? I can see it working with the balm but then you have the hygiene issue with dipping fingers in a tub. The pump bottle is the best solution because it works with both of your products, if it was just lotion I would suggest a spray head but that just complicates thing's having two different types of dispenser .
    Your current system works well and I think It's a good size considering all of the scent's you offer.
    You're the boss though, what do you think? P.
  10. Burry


    I’m very happy with the current bottles. The size is spot on, small enough to travel with, but plenty big enough. A pump is a really good idea for this balm, easy to get the right amount without getting it everywhere. I agree with blademonkey.
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  11. Yes if I was going down the tub route it would only be for the balms but then you are getting into having lots of different packaging.

    I do think the pumps work well though and as blademonkey says if it ain’t broke.. which ironically is nigh on impossible to do with these bottles (touch wood :)
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  12. Why not just sell refills in big generic plastic bottles? The buyer will pour in his empty 60ml doser when in need and keep the big bottle in a cupboard out of sight.

    Proraso does the same thing with those 500ml IV bags and 400ml AS. Same thing with liquid soap.
  13. I like the idea of an option to have refill bottles in larger sizes.

    I do not think the tub is a good idea. As others have said, the pump head works really well and delivers a measured dose too. It remains to see how easy it is to get the last bit out at the end of the bottle. Have not got to that stage yet. :)
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  14. culcreuch


  15. Boru62


    I'm with the majority on this one. I think the pump bottles are completely practical and look good.

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