Black Garlic

It's as black as your hat and tastes more like a slightly spicy fig with the texture of plasticine. It's made by slow cooking bulbs of garlic at low temperatures for 3 or 4 weeks (give or take). The 'garlic' flavour is very mild. Nice spread on buttered toast, or used in a salad dressing or just on it's own.

I've just ordered some from Amazon, it's a new one on me but I love garlic and I'm sure I will love this. To think it was only shaving products you could be enabled to buy on TSR! :) P.
Food enabling is just a TSR sideline. You won't be disappointed, I hope. The ones in tubs pre-peeled tend to have a more solid texture than the still in the bulb ones. The flavour/amount of sugar of the original bulb will affect the flavour of the end result.
I'm sure I won't be disappointed, I'm pleased you mentioned it, I had never come across them before and I do like to try unusual food stuffs, so thank you. Paul.