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Blade recommendations for Artist Club SS

Discussion in 'Straight Razors' started by Reefhead, Monday January 23, 2017.

  1. Hi folks
    With my new Artist Club SS delivery imminent, was wondering if i'd be better developing my style with PG blades rather than the PBs I have already ordered?
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  2. For What My Experiences are Worth..The Pro Guard Blades are Junk..To Me..They are Hair Shaper Blades..Why Some Folks Like them I Will Never Know..The Feather Pro is the Sharpest in My Experience..The Pro Super has More Exposure but not as Sharp as the Pro Supers..The Feather Pro is Probably the Sharpest Factory Blade on the Market Today..At Least for a Few Shaves.. :)

  3. Professional is a good choice

    Never tried the Super.

    Kai blades are also worth a shot, the mild being somehwere in between Proguard and Professional in my experience.

    My first shave on the new blade is usually nothing to write home about but soon settles down.
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  4. I use the pros, they've got a bite to them at first but once they settle they are brilliant , I've had them last for about 15-17 shaves , I'm pretty sure some chaps have had them last for up to 30 shaves so you certainly get your money's worth.
    I personally haven't used any others but there is no harm in trying, if you don't get along with them I bet you'd be able to offload them fairly easily.
  5. Excellent - looks like i've got the right ones. Thanks guys!
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  6. captain_hx


    I've tried the Pro Guards, the Pro Supers and the KAI Captain Titan Mild. The Pro Supers I find to be the best of the three.
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  7. pj3r


    Perhaps you should try a sample pack from or shavedash and find it yourself, beacouse - YMMV! ;)
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  8. I've got a pack of Feather Pro Super's and to me they are rough as a badgers arse on the first couple of uses. They gave me some truly awful shaves.
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  9. Even if I'm still on my training wheels with Feather Artist Club SS folding, I love it with Feather Pro Guard blades: forgiving, effective and smooth.
    I have also Feather Pro and Kai Captain blades, but I plan to shave with them after having used a whole pack of Pro Guard
  10. If someone needs PL-20 blades i received them this morning (mistaklenly sent instead of PB-20).
    3packs , new unopened , i would like to just change them for pb-20 since I dont have Feather SS anymore, you can send me PM for more options and info ;)

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