Bowls / Scuttles section?


Going to pick up my new Proraso ciotola barba 400810 from the mail in couple of days to replace the square plastic bowl I repurposed from the kitchen. Currently my go to is a round ceramic cereal bowl. It's really easy to hold with one hand like an apothecary mug. Works great for lathering up creams and croaps, which I scrape from their containers with a spoon then smear in the bowl.

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I have one of these, it is very good and really solid. Got it a few years ago and it is still in mint condition.

That said it seems to have gone up in price a bit and when you add in postage it is pretty expensive but unless it is dropped it will last forever. Would definitely recommend.
Comparison of one of those and a Fine ceramic bowl.

Thanks Paul and I appreciate that but then most of the search results come out with SOTD responses which get a tad tedious. Only a thought. Will keep seeking.
Little wren pottery do some great bowls and scuttles and will take one off custom jobs also Giles Shaving make some great stuff, I have a bowl from Little Wren Pottery and one Scuttle from Giles Shaving, check them out. P.