BST Pricing

After a recent breakout of BST hostilities re pricing of a sales item, I though I would post a few words regarding the applicable rules and the reasoning behind them. This is to be an impersonal discussion (if there is one!).

There are two matters to bear in mind re pricing which are clearly stated in the rules. Firstly the rules say that all items must be priced. It is implicit in this that the seller decides that price. This rule prevents the invidious situation where moderators would be expected to act as valuers which we will NOT do. it is easy to decide that an item is £100 overpriced but not so easy for 50 pence. At what point then do mods intervene? This has been considered and the answer is - they don't!

Secondly is the rule which states that there should be no off topic posts in BST threads. In the past, when this rule was not strictly enforced, dreadful and reputationally damaging exchanges would happen in BST. We are determined that this will not happen again.

As always, if you feel that a seller may have got a price wrong, please contact him by PM. If you do not receive a favourable answer then the matter must be dropped.

It must also be remembered that our members are not stupid. A silly price will not result in a sale and that's how the market gets regulated.

I would be happy to hear views but please remember that the underlying rules will not change.
I have received a request to remove a post from this thread is it consists of discussion of BST pricing. I think it appropriate to reply here to clarify an issue. There is NO rule against posting queries about Forum policy on pricing and current relevant BST examples on this forum. Should you find it appropriate to highlight other members views, policies and actions, you are asked to do so politely and with respect for those views. I do not find anything in this thread to be in breach of rules and do not propose to remove any posting.