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Canvasing Opinion

Discussion in 'General Shaving' started by Steve, Monday May 7, 2018.

  1. Steve


    I started DE/SE shaving a couple of years ago but shortly after starting it was interupted by a heart attack and triple bypass. For the next 12 months I was on heavy dosage of blood thinners which meant I bled for 2 hours if I cut myself shaving. So in short I am still finding my feet and my question is this. Do you have/search for the forever razor? Have you found several which shave equally well and rotate for variation? My own findings thus far is that I prefare milder razors, Rocket HD, Flair Tip seem the same and Tech a bit milder. My Black Beauty 2-2-2 pass is also similar but better shave. My several 1912's are good but not as good as the DE's. my 1914 even shimmed in an absolute monster which I hate! My latest purchase the Ming Shi, Merkur Futur clone gives me the best shave of all on a 3-2-1 pass, but only by a small margin. All I am happy to shave with (Except that damn 1914) but none are head and shoulders above the rest.
    Have you found one razor that is your forever razor and the only one you really want to use? I am thinking of a Parker Variant next so would also be grateful for your thoughts on that model.
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  2. Boru62


    Glad to hear you've turned the corner and can shave again without any undue worry.

    My all time favourite so far is the Cobra although I tried an adjustable SE made by our very own @twhite510 which, if the head was a bit heavier, could be a serious contender.
    How many teeth (not including the blades stops) does your 1914 have? I might want to buy it.
    My 1914 is maybe slightly more assertive than a 1912 and have heard the earlier model is a bit more again.
    Reading between the lines I think you would like a Schick Krona or a Wilkie Sticky.
    Last edited: Tuesday May 8, 2018
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  3. Fox


    Steve glad to read your over the worst of your ordeal.

    I have a question. Would an Alum block not be effective? I ask because I am taking magnesium supplements and have noticed, not that it happens often but if I nick myself I bleed more than normal though I can get it to stop if I use an alum block. It's a bit messy but it still works, have you tried this?

    Darron :)
  4. Sabre


    I would be quite happy with a Schick Type L and a coin toss between a Gillette Mach3 or a vintage Wilkinson Sword Profile Royale.

    I hope you have fully recovered .
  5. I have a forever razor however I seem to be in the minority, for me it's the PILS. Nothing else has the same combination of efficiency and comfort.
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  6. Benz3ne


    I loved the Parker Variant when I had it and could have hung up my boots, so to speak, and used only that therein. I decided to go down the less adjustable route and went for a razor which performs well for me as well as looks good - the Muhle Rocca.

    I also own the Supply SE but this razor is worlds apart from a DE. I'd wholeheartedly recommend the Variant, though it can be aggressive in the upper echelon of adjustment.

    Glad you're on the mend all the same.
  7. For me, it's any slant -- and no pressure! I've had 2.5 heart attacks, on anti-platelets, aspirin, and clopedigrel. Just shave off the foam and don't worry too much about bleeding out. You've got 5 litres to play with -- the ambulance should come by the third litre.
  8. Steve


    Thanks for the replies. I am absolutely fine now and to answer a few things mentioned.
    Boru62, I haven't seen the 1914 for ages. Can't remember giving it away so I will look for it.
    Fox- I use alum block but at that time it didn't help much, I would bleed for 2 hours. It was the clopidogrel now I am just on aspirin its fine.
    Sabre - I have a Schick L (in fact several Schick) but they for me are the same as the 1912.
    Benz3ne - Thank you for the feedback on the Variant, I can tell the wife it was your fault when I buy one :)
    Steve Bowles - Love your attitude and I would do likewise now, but I was only learning to shave and was pretty bad at it cutting myself often. Much better now, Q bloodbath at tonights shave :)
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  9. Dansco


    Ive got an English made Aristocrat 15/21 which is amazing.

    I havent used another DE since I got it, although i do still have straight razors I use.
  10. GerryM


    On aliexpress you can buy a Futur knockoff for a couple of £ and it works great, as you have discovered

    If you like to spend money, a Rockwell 6S is the go. I use it for all my shaving nowadays. Solid stainless steel, will last forever
    Last edited: Thursday May 10, 2018
  11. On balance my favourite adjustable is the Parker Variant and my favourite fixed is the Muhle Rocca. Having said that, I like a more aggressive shave.

    Most guys that like a milder shave seem to end up with and loving the Rockwell 6C or 6S and it becomes their ultimate razor. You see a split in opinion on other forums which appears to be down to preferences about aggressiveness. Personally I like both the Rockwells a lot but would keep my Variant or Rocca in preference if I was forced to choose.
  12. Steve


    I really like the look of the 6S and think it would suit me, I may get one for my Birthday. I also like the Parker Variant so it is a toss up between those two!

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