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Creed Aventus - any good...?

Discussion in 'After Shave / Cologne' started by factormax, Wednesday October 11, 2017.

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  2. Count on me Barry mate, I won't put you wrong pal. :D
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  3. You haven't let me down so far Wayne!
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  4. Club de Nuit Intense - Basenotes

    Club de Nuit Intense Man vs. Creed Aventus

    Club de Nuit Reviews

    From these reports, it would seem you're not alone in your opinion...

  5. Thank you for the vote of confidence. I own them both and there is a little difference as expected but only in the opening. The Aventus being more fruity and slightly brighter but in the dry down you would be hard pushed to tell the difference and the ladies certainly will not care if they like Aventus they'll be in heaven with the CDN.
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  6. I particularly like the line from the 'Club de Nuit Intense Man vs. Creed Aventus' review:

    "I have a carpet cleaning business and I am in and out of peoples houses all day, and most of them are women..."

    Conjours up all kinds of images!
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  7. And, if you're really, really, really on a budget, there's always 'Crest Advent EDT'. Apparently.
  8. nlMike


    To give an indication of how long/strong the armaf de nuit intense lasts, I spray it in my neck before I get dressed, then it gets on the collar of my shirt during the day and if I only do a short wash cycle (30 mins) I can still smell it when I'm ironing my shirts once they're dry!
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  9. Mbarn


    That sounds excessive, and I wonder what they hell they put in the bottle.
    I’m still intrigued to try it....

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  10. Inspired by @wayne mattison, I gambled on a bottle of Club de Nuit Intense. Delivery was impressive - ordered on Friday evening, delivered recorded first thing Monday.

    Initial findings - the bottle itself is weighty, though rather vulgar to my tastes. I've never really been impressed by faux-diamonds. Contrary to what I take to be the desired effect, it makes the whole thing look rather cheap and tacky.

    Fragrance itself: first outing today. Opening of sharp citrus, softening to allow a smokiness to come through as the day's gone on. It's starting to fade now, but it's been on for nearly nine hours, so can't complain. Sillage? No idea. I'm working on my own this week, so have had no-one to comment on it. Suffice to say that I haven't been attacked by women a la Hai Karate during my commute, and nobody's passed out in my immediate surroundings so far. My colleague is extremely critical, so she will be the acid test of this in due course.

    It's not at all unpleasant, and I can imagine this working well of a summer's evening. I'll wear it more, to give it a fair trial. But would I spend the best part of £300 on something that smells almost exactly like this? I'm not so sure.

    Royal Mail is still hanging on the the Mr Perfume sample that @Benz3ne kindly mailed to me (either that, or there's a fragrant postman out there!), so I can't compare the two at this stage.

    Then I think it will be onto a trial of the Creed itself.

    More exciting news, as events unfold!
  11. Benz3ne


    Sorry mate I’ve been meaning to drop you a pm. I’m snowed under right now with one thing and another but I’ll endeavour to get something out by the end of the week. :) sorry about the delay!
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  12. @Benz3ne is a very kind man. Is all I'm saying.
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  13. So @factormax I'd say you are onto a winner there apart from the crystal on the bottle which you don't wear. 9 hrs longevity and I will assure you sillage is good too as your work colleague will attest next week. Not too shabby then for less than £30? Glad it impressed a little.
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  14. Actually, less than £25. And there's no need for anyone to see the bottle. And if I get complimented on it, I'll say it's an exclusive French fragrance. Which it is. Sort of.
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  15. "I will assure you sillage is good too as your work colleague will attest next week."

    @wayne mattison


    My colleague has just walked in and declared that the office smells "absolutely lovely!"

    That's good enough for me!
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  16. There you go, I rest my case bloody good stuff Club de Nuit Intense...It's a proper panty dropper.
  17. I say! Steady on, Old Boy!
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  18. Blackmass


    I'll have to get some. I need all the help I can get.:(;):p
  19. JohnnyO


    Boys, girls or indiscriminate ?

    JohnnyO. o/
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  20. It works on the ladies in my experience don't know about geezers mate.
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