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@Darkbulb where are you?

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Blademonkey, Wednesday March 15, 2017.

  1. @Darkbulb has been conspicuous by his absence of late, does anybody know what's happened to him and if he is ok.
    I sent a PM to him a few weeks ago but as yet no reply.

    Any info would be appreciated .

    Many thanks,

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  2. Riggs


    Would be happy to know as well, Darkbulb where you at man?

    Absence not allowed :cool:
  3. Sent him a private mail about a fountain pen. No reply. Hope all is well.
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  4. I'm sure it is, probably busy doing his own thing. :)
  5. nolisco


    I think there is a shift of the more established members to another forum, theres a lot of members who frequent both, he's active on there. I flit between both but am more active here.
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  6. Yeah, I think Darkbulb frequents other forums more regularly these a way I am glad I am not seeing his wonderful razor review threads..they are like opium for Razor acquisition disorders!!:D

    I am sure he is fine though..:cool:
  7. Thankyou all, I now know he is well and that was my main concern. :)
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  8. MrK1


    Maybe he is trapped under the mountain of razors he has?

    Poor bloke, what a way to go, suffocating on a Fat Boy.
  9. That's too funny! :)
  10. Riggs


    He is probably watching this thread and saying out loud "You Guys miss me now don't you".
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  11. There are some people that have left or were pushed in recent times that I won't miss however I did enjoy DBs post's and photos and I do miss them.
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  12. tuxxdk


  13. Well that's all I need, so thank you very much for your replies :)
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  14. Shaving a heard of wooly mammoth with vintage Wilkinson and Gillette carts, the hair clogging must be a nightmare

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  15. think of all the money you are all saving!

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