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DE Blade advice for a newbie..

Discussion in 'Shaving Help' started by BJS, Thursday November 23, 2017.

  1. Well, Brian... woohoo!!!

    Practice makes perfect...
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  2. Woohoo indeed, well done, keep at it, it can only get better from here on in. :) P.
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  3. J B

    J B

    My first post so be gentle :)

    I'm a relatively newbie DE shaver and have tried numerous blades, my three favourite are

    Personna - Just had the best shaves with these, smooth no nicks etc
    Gillette Silver Blue - Good decent shaves, as good as the Personna IMO
    Astra Blades - Very good blades

    Didn't like the Feather or Derby Blades :(
  4. Three good blades, stick with them, to find three blades that work for you early on is good news. P.
  5. invicta


    Good progress but don't focus too much on the razor handle. You only need to manipulate the razor with the lightest touch and balance is more important in that respect. Good lather is a very important element to a good shave so keep working on that and easy multiple passes will follow.
  6. Hi Brian

    Welcome to the the site! If you want to email me your address, I'll send you a selection to try (as long as your not in the USA etc postal wise). Call it a welcome gift and an early Xmas gift.... my email is or post here if your happy to do so. As a side note what cream /soap do you use?
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  7. Go with a sampler pack. There are so many blades and each one has a different personality. I'm sure you'll find one that (I have to say it!) rocks your boat. Truly sorry. Try Polsilver and Gillette Rubies for a starting point.
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  8. They are sharp blades, seven passes with no irritation and stubble still left would point towards you not having the correct angle on your razor therfore not cutting properly.......or it may just be you had a dud blade, it does happen from time to time. Try another Voskhod blade in the same razor and see if you get the same results. :) P.
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  9. matteob


    Yea Voshkods should not need 7 passes. They are on the milder side but still quite efficient. I am guessing you may have a duff blade as Monkey said.
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  10. I agree with Blademonkey, I would add that you really do need to take your time with shaving this way.

    When i first started, Once I was in front of the mirror, I would check and recheck the angle of the blade against my face.

    Although initially I thought I wasnt getting any hair, on changing the angle voila!! Cut hair.....clean shaven (after many shaves).

    There are better men here than me, but is there a lot of blade exposed when in the razor? ( I'm thinking of the set up). Try again with anot her blade and check from there.

    Keep us posted ok.

    Good luck mark
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  11. As a side note was it one blade out of the pack, or all of them?

    I've never had a duff pack but the odd one has slipped through.

    Glad you've managed to shave!!


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  12. Hi Brian

    I understand that logic, I have dumped one in the past but haven't been unlucky with a whole pack.

    A quick check may be worthwhile.

    Blademonkey has set me some homework off to count my blades.....
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  13. Benz3ne


    I would say yes, to some degree. At the end of the day, you're running a surgically-sharp razor across your face repeatedly. Any untoward pressure would cause the micro-abraisions you've described (cuts/nicks/weepers) so it's natural that your body tries to counter that - think callouses with hands/feet. It won't be to the same degree as callouses, obviously, but I think there's some weight in the suggestion that skin 'toughens up', so to speak.

    I found the same, when starting I struggled to get good shaves without irritation but turned a corner. Similarly, if I go without for longer than a few days, I can almost guarantee that I'll feel the shave more, usually as a tingle proceeding the shave!
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  14. In the immortal words of @riverrun , "NO PRESSURE!"
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