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DE Disposal

Discussion in 'DE Blades' started by Scotshave, Thursday September 15, 2016.

  1. A plastic box with a secure clip lid together with scalpel blades (best hard skin remover I know of). Guess when it's full then down the tip for recycle. Or I may just eat them to prove what a hard sod I am
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  2. Large syrup tin for me. I'm not sure what I'll do with it when it's full but I don't think I'm going to need to worry about that for a few years.
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  3. Bazz


    Guess i better re-think my ways and become more responsible, i have just been wrapping the old one up in the new wrapper then wrapping that in bog roll before tossing into the rubbish bin where it no doubt finds it's way to the landfill.
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  4. dave79


    Oops. Me too! Perhaps old syrup tin is the right way
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  5. I bought a Feather blade bank on Amazon £6 or so, does the job.
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  6. Got a Feather blade bank from The English Shaving Co last week for £3.50

    Cheers, John
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  7. John i had not heard of
    The English Shaving Co before will try them first in future.

    Thanks for the heads up
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  8. Cristobal


    Same here, I got the box from the GP/surgery, it's made for storing clinical waste, when full, council is supposed to collect and replace it by a new one. No recycling here, it is bound to be incinerated.
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  9. Dave, sorry, I didn't mean my post to come out quite as pointed as it did.

    I'd looked round on Amazon, and got a sharps box that was absolutely useless, so was looking for something else.

    As I am new to DE, I've been looking, and buying!, too many goodies in the last few weeks.

    The English Shaving Co seems to be part of Edwin Jagger, or at least EJ are at 6, Morpeth Street, and English Shaving Co are at 8, Morpeth St.!!

    Good thing also is free P&P kicks in at only £10, so I have had a couple of orders from there in the last fortnight.

    HTH, John
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  10. Just a cardboard box with some print art glued on. I've downloaded the image from the PAA website.[​IMG]

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  11. While that looks big enough to last several lifetimes, can I ask how you plan on disposal, or emptying it?

    As the push towards increasing recycling rates goes up, I'm thinking more carefully how I dispose of scapel blades, lancets and razor blades these days.

    I liked the Feather one, as it is magnetic, and sealed, so just pop in recyling and it'll go through as steel.

    Cheers, john
  12. jimmyc


    I just use the plastic cases blades come in, don't know how many they hold but its loads.
  13. I have not figured that out yet.

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  14. riverrun


  15. Just paid the princely sum of 50p for a little black rockwell blade bank I saw in a charity shop window. It has a little plastic seal on the bottom so I’ll have to work out what to do with it when it’s full.
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  16. Ferry-shave


    I got a Muhle blade bank - liked the look of it, although on reflection it was a bit expensive - SWMBO did not object as it matches the tiles in the bathroom :)
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