Easter 25% off shaving creams

Runs until 3rd April so you could have waited a couple of days and then you wouldn't have broken that vow... :D
That would have meant running the risk of one of the four I was ordering going out of stock.

And with James saying he was wondering about continuing with the creams (in the packaging thread) I decided not to risk it.

And I can start April as a Zero-Spend month..... :rolleyes:

All I can say for the moment is.....'I am glad I did'
And as a result of all this 25% off rubbish I bought some more last night. Went for the Shogun. Anything which states 'unlike any other......' gets beyond my temptation barrier. Look forward to it.........and the soap and aftershave tonic I ordered at the same time. Drat drat and a double drat.