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Erasmic Boar Brush

Discussion in 'Shaving Brushes' started by Hogwash, Monday November 13, 2017.

  1. Hogwash


    I came across this cheap brush in Savers for only three quid. Design looks like an Omega 49 but dimensions are smaller.

    Anyone used it? Threads from a few years ago mentioned knots falling apart, perhaps unsurprising at this price point. Or could this be a cheap travel option?

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  2. Bit of a waste of money really. How much is a little synthetic Yaqi? Seven or eight quid, I think.
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  3. Don't bother because it is not a good brush, I had one and kept loosing hair all the time(it may be a Monday morning job or my luck). it is not good quality.
    If you want a small boar brush for travel, I suggest Omega or a Turkish made boar brush.
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  4. Why oh why in this day and age the British high street when it comes to shaving brush every man should have , they stock these cheap boar tat (yes Wilki i am looking at you!). They can sell a well made Chinese synth for a similar price so its not a question of price. Rant end.
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  5. MrK1


    Bought one, ripped the knot out without using it, sprayed it black and set a 24mm Vie Long 2 band badger knot in it.

    My first brush re-knot.
    Wasn't expecting the handle to last very long.

    Not the best looking brush, but 2 years on and it's still going strong and in regular rotation - it does its job very well, no reason to change the handle.

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