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Fatboy / Slim Replating

Discussion in 'Restoration Workshop' started by Shavey McShaverson, Monday January 23, 2017.

  1. Hi all!

    I've finally managed to get my hands on my two holy grail razors, and to pay homage to these two, I was hoping to give them a bit of TLC and am looking at replating them.

    Does anyone know of any UK/EU based guys doing this? I know there are plenty in the US, but would like to do business locally if possible and not have to worry about the shipping. The UK guys I have found don't seem to do replating of adjustables or have ceased due to other commitments.

    Any help appreciated!
  2. phil-b


  3. Hi Phil - thanks, I had stumbled across this site however there is a statement on there that this guy does not do adjustables
  4. phil-b


    Yes it does say that but it looks like he has done some adjustables. I have not used him yet but this was the recommendation put to me when I recently asked the same question. I think it is worth an email to him before shipping your razors abroad
  5. I just got my Slim back from New Zealand, where it was replated and restored beautifully by Dave Glynn. Now it's good for another 50 years.
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  6. Stick a pic on mate. I'd love to see it.
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  7. Id love to see a pick. Ive got an old vintage id like to have replated. Have you got he's details?

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  8. I'm afraid it's been put away by Mrs Rubbish Triathlete until my 50th birthday - it's an M3. When I get it I'll take a photo - but it actually just looks like a brand new Slim, so I'm not sure it will be a very exciting photo. The mechanism was in good condition before, but it had some of that greeny-blue corrosion and a lot of the plating had worn off, but as I say now it looks like new.

    Dave Glynn's website is I tried to go to the website just now but it appears to be down. You can see some of it in Google's cache and I'm sure it will recover shortly.

    Dave was very responsive on email, and his service - even in New Zealand - was good value and high quality. He was a pleasure to deal with. I'd recommend him without reservation.
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  9. The website now appears to be working so it must have only been down briefly. There's a before-and-after photo of a Gillette New that defies belief.

    His price for a safety razor restoration in (Gillette original) bright nickel is £45. Which I think is a bargain for a "special" razor (like mine which is from my birth quarter). You do have to pay for postage both ways as well.
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  10. Have you got his email address? I cant get onto the site.

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  11. I've had razors replaced by Dave while he was still in the UK, he does good work.
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  12. Luckypip


    Did you not get stung by Customs for VAT and PO handling charges ?
  13. matteob


    I heard the guy at Razor Replating in the will do adjustables at some point. I have a Fatboy that needs doing too. I need to call him. There is a guy in the US too but postage charges and VAT phew.

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