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Feathers from Thailand

Discussion in 'DE Blades' started by Colin Stenburge, Friday May 11, 2018.

  1. I ordered some feather blades to try off eBay. I normally just buy from UK sellers but accidentally ordered some from Thailand.
    Am I likely to be charged import duty?
    Are the blades likely to be counterfeit?
    If they are counterfeit will the be any good?

    Many thanks.
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  2. If your order including postage is under £15 you should be ok regarding charges at this end and it also depends what the seller has declared on the customs form. If the Ebay seller has got good feedback I shouldn't worry about them being counterfeit but there is always that chance when buying anything from Ebay and from certain country's , it's always best practice to buy from a reputable UK seller. P.
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  3. I have some for sale in the classifieds (real ones!) but not had many people take me up!
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  4. This comes up quite often, buy from one of the reputable vendors and you’ll definitely get the real thing.
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  5. Spooky. Just seen some of these from Thailand. £1.90 for 5. Think I will give those a miss. Not exactly cheap either.
  6. jmudrick


    Is Thailand spooky? Guess I'm missing something.

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