Fine tuning your shave.

I know this will be a personal preference thing so I’m after your thoughts on the following.
Would you have a medium aggressive razor and when needed make it more aggressive with sharper blades?
Or an have an aggressive razor and dial it back with less sharp blades as appropriate?
Thank you.
Med aggressive razor and use the blade to suit the stubble conditions. I always prefer a two pass/touch up shave, less blade time on the face for me is preferable to more passes with a mild razor/blade combo.
+1 this. Eventually you will get to a point where you aren't bothered- blades are blades. You will like the razor you're using but all of your others do the same job.

My favourite DE is my Aristocrat 21, deemed by many to be aggressive. At the moment I'm using my New Long Comb, and i can get a BBS shave with my dad's aluminium Tech.

I have a Gillette Wilkinson Sword blade in now but recently I've used Nacets and 7 O'clock Black blades.

Like Wayne, I use anything where i can be smooth in 2-3 passes. As long as a razor and blade fit that criterion I'm happy. Less sharp blades I won't use as a rule. If i need 3 passes and then touch ups I generally find that too much - irritation occurs.