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Discussion in 'General Shaving' started by Sezer74, Monday November 11, 2013.

  1. Wazzer3


    Calani 'Dubai' soap now finished, excellent soap but meh scent so used for head shaves only.
  2. Chinski


    I finished a 100 ml pum container of executive shaving moisturiser. Taken around three months.

    Looking to purchase something different. Any recommendations? I've got sensitive skin.
  3. IMG_0138.JPG
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  4. Chinski


    Thanks I'll try to get some at the weekend. Never noticed this anywhere before.

    Thanks again.
  5. chances are someone will have a L'Oreal offer on
  6. SeanC


    A fantastically nourishing tallow soap for the colder months. Fortunately I've got enough left to last me for the next couple of years.

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  7. David68


    DSB Captain.jpg

    Finished the wonderful d'Ardenne, Short & Bell Captain shave soap. It has been added to my shaving wish list for sometime in the future.
  8. Finished a bottle of Malizia Uomo Vetiver Aftershave, I think it's a great aftershave especially for the warm season, good skin care, clean and refreshing scent, cooling affect.
    Shame it is not available in the UK, I bought mine from the bay and posted from Bulgaria I guess.
  9. Finished my Speick shaving stick.
    I'd got bored using it as a stick and so grated it into a tupperware dish for ease of use.
    Verdict: Great refreshing mild scent and easy to lather. When I bought this about 2014 I thought it was one of my top soaps but since then there have been many others that have surpassed it so I can say it's a good soap but not in my top selection.
    Would I buy it again? - Probably not; only because there are so many other great soaps to try.

    Stock photo:
    Speick Stick.jpg
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  10. Louis


    A tube of La Toja cream. Brilliant performance from a cheapo supermarket product (a couple o euro). Will buy again once I've lathered my way through the tons of soap/creams I've collected.
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  11. Glen_Lee


    Just finished a can of cold Kronenbourg 1664. Crap, wrong thread. Sorry :p
  12. Finished my tube of Santa Maria Novella pre-shave cream that I started over 3 years ago (in rotation).
    It was very expensive but you only need a tiny amount which is helped by the fact that it dispenses a very thin worm of cream. I've used it over 186 times (yes, I have a shaving spreadsheet) so it's actually worked out reasonable.
    Performance is top notch, easy to apply and spread, great mild scent.
    Would I buy it again? Well I would if I were in Florence.

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  13. kamisori


    Today I finished a bottle of Acqua di Parma Essenza Balsamo Dopobarba.

    For me it's a warm weather AS, so it have lasted about 2 years.

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  14. image.jpg Finished wonderful Club de nuit intense man......gutted! I love this scent but there is always a bright side, it alows me to buy another and I can love it all over again :)
  15. I have not tried this stuff but it sounds divine. Does it replicate Creed Aventus ?
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  16. Yes it does, very well too, £35. 100ml EDT :)
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  17. Just checked, and it's only 25 now! Happy days!
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  18. Finished my Stirling Bay Rum Soap today after 4 years (in rotation with other soaps).
    I got this through @Mr_Smartepants group-buy of Stirling soaps and has been my favourite Bay Rum scent ever since - probably the best Bay Rum scent in the world!
    Thanks again Erik, for organising that, what a gent.
    This soap gives luxuriously thick lather and really good skin conditioning afterwards.
    Would I buy it again? Yep, but need to thin the herd somewhat before adding to it.


    My Blade-Bank is full so it's time to empty it out. Handily I managed to fit all the blades into the Stirling soap tub so an easy way of disposing them.

  19. My evening shave saw me finish of my jar of Proraso Crema pre barba (menthol & eucalyptus), along with a tube of C O Bigelow Premium Shave Cream.

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