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Giles Shaving Co Pottery

Discussion in 'Reviews' started by shaunwistow, Wednesday May 9, 2018.

  1. Well what can I say, absolute quality. Each item is unique as you’ll never get the same glaze pattern etc. Especially love the brushes which have a nice weight to them. Thank you @Roscotanna

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  2. Ferrum


    I'll go along with that. I have only a mere two Giles bowls at the moment, but they are the best I have ever owned; perfect in design, finish, size and weight, and real lather volcanoes.
    The apothecary bowl is a new one on me. I'd like one.
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  3. Thanks Shaun and Ferrum!
    Regarding the apothecary handle, I don't make them as part of my standard line but I'm happy to accept commissions for anything specific you might want :)
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  4. I can attest to the quality of Ross's work, it really is first class. I love my shaving bowl and it gets used every time I shave.

    Cheers Ross, you're awesome.

  5. Cheers chaps.. It's encouraging to hear such wonderful feedback :D
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