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Hone 15 or ATT R1

Discussion in 'DE Razors' started by Satanfriendly, Wednesday March 7, 2018.

  1. So impressed with the ATT M2 I decided to add another ATT to my wishlist list

    However I've started to wonder if a Hone 15 might be a worthy contender for another razor? Read the comments and reviews on here and certainly positive thoughts.

    My requirements are something slightly more aggressive than an 89 without hitting the agressive upper limits. I have an Ikon closed which does the agressive nicely. I also want something away from the norm and crafted as against to manufactured in large numbers.

    Any comments as to why I choose one over the other? Or anything else I should be looking at?
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  2. A Hone type 15 would be a good choice and work's extremely well when used with a Kai Stainless blade. I would say it fits your requirements. P.
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  3. Just so happens I really like the Kaiser blades you sent on to me. Work well in all the razors have tried to date.

    Is there a waiting list for the Hone?

    Kaiser? Of course I did mean Kai. I had no intention of trying to imply that German emperors made damn fine razor blades.
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  4. No, there is stock available so no waiting. Yes I had forgotten I had sent you some Kai blades, very good in the Hone.
  5. alfredus


    Haven't tried the Hone, but the ATT S1 would fit the brief nicely...
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  6. Jel999


    Just get an R1 baseplate. They're occasionally on the BST for about £35 or so. I bought an M1 & realised it was too mild so picked up a R1 baseplate & sold the M1 for the same amount. Really happy with it & use it 95% of the time. Good luck with whatever you go with.
  7. I have the brass hone 25 and it's too mild for me, but I have to praise its smoothness. Used it only once with the feather. I really do prefer middle of the road DE's. A well made hefty razor though.
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  8. Try it with a KAI blade if you haven't already, being ever so slightly wider than most blades it changes the way the 15 shaves. P. So much better! :)
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  9. Although I'm a Feather, Polsilver, Personna 74 blade lover, I thik I have a KAI somewhere. I'll give it a try. If not, it's going to a good home soon.
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  10. It's well worth doing, it changes the 15 into a less mild razor, the KAI blade can be used in any mild DE razor to pep it up a little. Since I was given this tip myself my Hone 15 has had a lot more use. :) Plus the KAI blade is very good.
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  11. Is the KAI sharper than the feather?
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  12. I don't use feather DE blades so am unable to say but it's sharp, no dragging or pulling, just like a hot knife through butter.
  13. I wouldn't say so but so far they have proved longer lasting and they are smoother. And I am a big fan of Feathers
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