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Keep blade in razor

Discussion in 'DE Razors' started by nlMike, Monday July 17, 2017.

  1. nlMike


    I've tried searching the vast amount of topics but not surprisingly there's so many on this forum about razors and blades that I couldn't find an answer to my question. If it's out there, sorry for adding unnecessary spam!

    I travel nearly every day for work which means I take the blade out of my razor every day, blow it dry and put it back in its packaging. Furthermore I keep track of how many uses I get out of my blades and tend to load them the other way around/upside down on subsequent shaves.

    Never really thought about this routine until now that I'm on holiday and CAN keep my blade in my razor.

    Does this affect performance? Do you guys turn blades around, maybe for 'even' wear of the edge?

    This question popped up because I've used a Derby Extra blade for the first time this week in my 37c slant, without taking it out. This resulted in two brilliant smooth three pass shaves , third needed four passes to get decent and found I had four weepers afterwards, first I've had in weeks even after trying out my Futur.
  2. Some do some don't, I always take my blades out where possible and store in the wrapper untill the next use, I don't turn them over unless it's by chance! :)
  3. Nisse


    I am lazy and keep the blade in the razor.
  4. My blade stays in the razor until it's replaced.

    There's no point in turning the blade over, some people just like to complicate what should be a simple task.
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  5. JayGee


    I don't think it matters, when I use a TTO DE I like to take the blade out & store in the wrapper between shaves (usually daily).

    When I use a 3 piece, just loosen it off rinse, shake & allow to dry keeping the blade in it until it needs a change. I personally don't like taking a 3 piece apart unnecessarily in case I hamfist cross-thread the top cap.

    I note the number of shaves per blade using the @Kevy dots method.

    For me, blade life is the same.

    Can't see how flipping the blade makes any difference, no harm in it either.
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  6. Benz3ne


    I keep it in usually. I tend to disassemble the razor and dry things off, blow off excess water on the blade etc but I'm using razors for 3 or 4 goes in my rotation at which point the razor is retired until its next 'turn' and the blade disposed of. As I only shave maybe 3 times a week, I don't feel at much of a loss if I only get one or two shaves out of a blade. It's still cheap in the long term.
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  7. flip-68


    I dry the razor and the blade then put the blade back into the razor ready for next shave.
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  8. I also store the bade in the razor. Depending on how lazy I feel, and how much time I have, I either run water into the razor, tap and rub the razor on my towel and leave it out to air-dry, or I dissassemble it, remove the blade, rinse, dry on the towel, reassemble and put it away until the next time I use it. I've never seen the point of flipping the blade either, though, if I feel a blade is slightly rough, I will palm-strop it before replacing it in the razor.
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  9. McKinney


    I keep the blade in the razor and I don't turn the blade around as this already happened when going ATG... :D
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  10. DamianJ


    I keep the blade in the razor until it's changed. I currently change blades every 3 shaves.
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  11. newbie


    I take the blade out of the razor and put it in the wrapper or a tin I made. The tin has sponge on the top and bottom to hold the blade in place, it will hold a DE and SE blade. The main reason is to keep blades way from kids fingers.
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  12. Bogeyman


    Every other day I shave standing on my head so as to use the reverse edge of the blade. ;)
  13. I travel a lot too and use a Merkur 933 travel razor, the second DE I bought and an excellent bit of kit.

    As the 933 breaks down to fit into the pouch I quickly found the blade, if left fitted was at risk of damaged edges so I came up with the solution I've used for the last few years:
    I couldn't be bothered to remove and re-wrap it so leave the blade in but turn the bottom plate upside down when travelling. It leaves the edges flush with the plate so no exposure to get damaged/ damage anything else.

    This works for me but wouldn't if you take a 2 piece razor with you.

    As an aside I get some of my best shaves with my travel kit and have decided it's because I never vary any of the details; same soap, brush, razor & blade every time.
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  14. Clean it every time but keep it in the razor. The less you handle blades the better.
  15. nlMike


    All great input guys, been doing a bit more research and not going to bother keeping track of how I put my blade in my razor.

    I bin blades after four shaves, just think the cheap Derby blade just wasn't good enough for a third anymore, not that cheap anymore if it's only 2 shaves per blade I suppose!
  16. Benz3ne


    Still pretty cheap in the grand scheme of things! Call it 25 blades for a fiver, gives you almost 8 weeks (2 months) of shaving if you use each blade twice. I don't know about you, but my travel to and from work costs me around £30 per week in fuel, unless I have to travel to HQ which would bump up my weekly expenditure. £120/mo for fuel vs maybe £2.50/mo for blades, or 62 and 1/2p a week! :D Use each blade 3 times and that drops to a mere 41.6p/wk!
  17. nlMike


    Hahaha ow but I've already given up on the 'cheap' aspect of this way of shaving. I have stopped keeping track but estimate I've spent about ten times more on shaving in the last four months then I have the last ten years..

    Now exploring the world of posh perfumes and aftershaves for my upcoming wedding so I don't think it'd going to get any cheaper either..

    But it's awesome and every day starts a little bit better now!
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  18. invicta


    I always lightly pinch and wipe the blade between tissue after every shave due to hard water issues. It keeps the scum and limescale at bay. I also automatically flip the blade in the process of reloading the blade. Flipping the blade brings the other edge bevels into play so may even the stress on the edge. I get plenty of shaves from a blade but cannot guarantee this is enhanced by flipping the blade daily. Perhaps I should experiment with not flipping the blade.
    That's a good idea, I never thought of it. I put my razor in a leather travel pouch and that keeps the edges protected and also keeps the fingers safe when rummaging in the Dopp bag.
    Last edited: Thursday July 20, 2017
  19. I use a blade 3 times then bin it, the less handling the better as far as I'm concerned, Maybe the people who use a different razor for every shave might need to take a blade out, but no need for me.
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  20. I've got so many blades that if I travel I just throw the blade away and use a new one when I get to my destination. Why waste time turning blades over and putting them back in their wrapper? Life's way too short, and blades are way too cheap.

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