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Le Savon des Volcans Mint & Petit Grain Shaving Soap

Discussion in 'Reviews' started by longplay, Saturday December 2, 2017.

  1. longplay


    My final summary was:

    A bit of a mixed bag with this, and I wanted to like it.

    It was easy enough to lather, though often required some water to get the best out of it and offer up a good coating.

    The slickness and protection felt fine, but weren’t outstanding and I picked up nicks on most of my shaves. This suggests it wasn’t performing a particularly stellar job.

    The claim seems to be the addition of the donkey milk (you read that right) helps with the post shave feel. I can’t say this stood out compared to other products I have used that lack it. Apparently the mint is supposed to have a mild cooling effect too. Can’t say I noticed.

    Then there’s the fragrance. It’s incredibly weak to start with, which may come from the unique combination. I struggled to pick it up a any point.

    For all that, it provided me with good shaves, a few even a step above that, or close to it. It certainly wasn’t a product I dreaded using, but equally it’s not one I’d re-order.

    Full review here.

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