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Leather Razor Pouches

Discussion in 'Straight Razors' started by stormcrowuk, Sunday November 5, 2017.

  1. I love the contrasting colours and also the shape of the closure band 3rd one in. Well done, good work. p.
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  2. Here's my latest one slight change of design and I went a bit crazy with the dyeing of this one :)


  3. I'd love one for protecting a DE whilst travelling, simply lovely.
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  4. Loads on The Bay mate, got a couple of lovely ones for my travel kit for about fiver each.
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  5. I've got a Windrose one but it's really basic.
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  6. I'm planning on getting a DE for Xmas so once I've got one I'll probably do some then as I've no idea regarding sizes just now
  7. Great news, especially if you decide to make more than one and offer one up for sale. I think they look exquisite.
  8. [​IMG]
    A bit of a deviation from what you show so far but have you considered something like this?
    If you were in a position to make your own interpretation available, I'd happily give you some business.

    It's a re-purposed pen roll but as you can see it's too short so not ideal. This is how I keep my razors safely away from fingers in the bathroom cupboard. Easier than 5 separate pouches when at home.

    I love the idea of the ones you show for when I take the step to travelling with a SR.
  9. Hmm. That didn't work.

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  10. Thanks for that I have actually thought about doing something like the one you posted I'll have to give it a go when I get a bit of time spare. Busy doing a bag at the moment and I made the mistake of showing it to some friends who now seem to think I can just knock up a few for them :eek:)
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  11. I've got about 10 of the straight razor pouches done now so I will photograph them and put them in the for sale section for anyone who is interested. Difficult part is working out how much to charge I'm not interested in making a huge profit though.
  12. Cover your costs mate, no need to give them away no one minds paying for quality item
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  13. Agreed,...I'm up for one.
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