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Let's talk two blades only

Discussion in 'Cartridge (System) & One-piece Disposable Razors' started by Shemen Zait, Sunday August 13, 2017.

  1. On week days i deploy a cart probably every other day.

    Thing is I retired anything that has more than two blades due to how my facial skin goes on ingrown party the next day

    In the UK I could only find twin blade carts that either use the fixed head design ala K2 or the Contour/Atra design.

    Handles are a different story, managed to put my hand on a Brazilian made NOS Contour but the only other handle I can find is strangely from Lidl.

    So currently in my collection I have a pack of 10 blades from Superdrug at £2.55, a handle from Lidl with 20 carts for £3 and some original Contour plus i got on the cheap from Amazon (the price in Boots for these is more than I am willing to pay.

    Now, the thing is that from these carts I find the Superdrug to be far better for sharpness and smoothness way better than Gillette's own.

    The Lidl stuff is very good too but tad duller than Superdrug.

    I think the twin blade system is a something which is on the brink of extinction in the UK so I might hoard a bit more before its too late.

    I bought the £2 Vector from China but it's as light as a disposable imho so it was retired too.
    Last edited: Sunday August 13, 2017
  2. pjgh


    If you look carefully at the cartridges, they may well be made to work with both the fixed head Trac II (slide in from the side) and the pivot head Contour/Atra (click in).

    If I didn't enjoy the Gillette Guard so much, I'd use my Trac II more often ... in fact, why not? Tonight's shave.

    Favourite cartridge is the Feather FII Neo - they're expensive, but they are good and go on for 10+ shaves easily!
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  3. I dispose of my Trac ll sometimes in the late 80's when a new shiny Sensor made its way into my heard so I can't test the cart duality, however I might just pop to eBay tonight and see if I can get one sent over from the sub continent
  4. Broke one of my R89's (threaded section came away) while away at work and so a pack of Gillette Sensor II disposables was the only quick replacement to hand.

    Surprise surprise, with a decent cream and proper preparation a really good close shave. No intention to turn my back on DE's but nice to know there is a cheap alternative if needs must

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