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Loading photos from my iPad

Discussion in 'Feedback and Help Requests' started by Rufus, Monday January 29, 2018.

  1. Rufus


    i’ve been trying to download photos stored on my iPad to a thread, but I get a message saying the file is too large. I don’ have this problem with other forums. What can I do?
  2. Mbarn


    I’m happy to stand corrected by another member, but without downloading other apps, you cannot.
    A work-around would be to attach them to an email, and email to yourself. Your iPad will then give you the option to send the pictures as a lower file size. Open the email and re-save.

    Another option is to download Tapatalk, as that allows you to use forums and add pictures with ease. They have a free version, a monthly fee, or a one-off pro fee. Pro is the best/cheapest option.

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  3. +1 for emailing the images to yourself at a lower resolution and saving. I have done this myself. P.

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