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Maguire's Barbershop.... ?????

Discussion in 'Shopping Links and Feedback' started by Shaverrific666, Friday December 16, 2016.

  1. That's good news, you don't expect to be ripped off by what seems like an established company.

    I'm sorry if they're struggling, but that's no excuse for accepting payment for an order they've no intention of fulfilling.
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  2. Good to get your update and see you've been refunded. Bad that it happened in the first place. Bad that they can get away with stealing from people who pay them in good faith and they simply take their money and don't send anything. Despicable behaviour. The more publicity this receives, the better.
  3. Thank you Stan! Hopefully people will steer clear of them.
  4. Thank you Gareth. Not a good vendor, best avoided!
  5. isendono


    Good to know that you've got your money back.
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  6. Thank you! :)
  7. nolisco



  8. Yes, you're quite right. It's not new though. They are showing on Ebay as having registered in Jan. 2015 using the name Original Shaving Company. They've been on Amazon (under the same name) for a good while too.

    The North Jesmond Avenue address (in a pleasant, leafy residential road) as well as the Newton Road shop address all link in together. And the Ebay advert you point out has a scrolling banner advertising Maquire's Barber Shop. They give a different business address for Amazon customers... similar area though. And it has to be said the feedback on both sites isn't generally too bad.

    All perfectly OK but blokes here have numerous instances of being ripped off and subsequently ignored when they make enquiries to see where their orders are.... and finish up having to claim from PayPal.

    That really gives me the 'ump.
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  9. einram


    Hi guys, Maguires Barbershop the salon has no links now with the online store. It is run by different owner. Can't say too much as last time I posted to defend my reputation, I was threatened with court action...
  10. SeanC


    Although they are 10 months old, the 2016 accounts have now been uploaded to Companies House and show a position of solvency without any qualifications. There are no more recent filings.
  11. richardjl41


    I had quite a unpleasant experience with them in March 2014 as I ordered a proraso blue balm (no alcoholic item). The parcel took its time to land to France one month after the order, the packet was blocked at the UK Customs! Better experience with Gifs and Care, Yourshaving and the Sheffield shaving company!
  12. I am looking for the Omega 10029 and they are a bit rare.
    Maguires have it in stock, does anyone know if its safe to order from them?
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  13. I ordered one from them a short time back with no problems whatsoever.
    The brush arrived in good time and I was happy with my first experience with this company. P.
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  14. Oh, good to hear.

    It's the only boar brush with a 24mm knot set at 50mm which I can find.

    These dimensions are my favourite combination for
    boar, and so far this Omega is the only one I came across apart from my own vintage Semogue Creda limited edition from few years back which is 23mm by 50mm.
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  15. culcreuch


    It's a lovely little brush.....I got mine a few years ago from Connaughts ....I think. It didn't get much use at the time as I was really enjoying my Semogue 1470. Things have changed and it is now one of my favourites. I would certainly go for it.
    I have also bought from Maguires and have never had a problem.
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