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Mods, Help please?

Discussion in 'Feedback and Help Requests' started by Aegidius, Friday March 17, 2017.

  1. I completed the Magnum group buy and was posting my name at the end of the list and messed that up. So I deleted my post and went to try again but now can't find the thread. I hope that in deleting my post I didn’t delete the entire thread, if so I apologise!! Can you have a look into this, Thanks Agidius.
  2. Found it, thank f*&k for that, all sorted now, thanks
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  3. Boab

    Boab Administrator Staff Member

    Don't worry, nobody can delete a thread.
  4. Thanks Boab, thought I was in the sh1t up to my eyebrows for a few minutes there!!
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  5. JohnnyO


    You are, however, buying the next round !

    JohnnyO. o/
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