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My First with a Feather

Discussion in 'DE Blades' started by Wayne Pritchard, Saturday April 8, 2017.

  1. Digimonkey


  2. Next on the list of MUST buys! :)
  3. Digimonkey


    @Wayne Pritchard - mate - pm me and I'll send you some non St Petersburgh blades to try. Ladas, Rapiras that sort of thing. I could toss in a couple of Kai blades I.
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  4. PM sent mate. :)

    PS. You are an absolute scholar and a gentleman.
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  5. In terms of using a feather in my bog standard R89 I haven't found anything to better them yet, likewise with my Seygus. At best I manage 5-7 days at a push. Then again I am a bit odd as my other blade of choice is the WS Black box which very few appear to like.
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  6. UPDATE:

    Shave #4

    Good evening all.
    No more shaves with this blade. :eek: It is as simple as that.
    I had a three pass shave this morning and despite the fact that It gave me a decent clean shave my neck feels like someone has set fire to it.
    Both the left and right side of my neck are still burning and I shaved many hours ago.
    I cannot believe how quickly a blade can deteriorate between shaves.
    We are talking, three really enjoyable shaves. Numerically,

    #1 10/10
    #2 10/10
    #3 9/10
    #4 4/10

    A low score indeed considering I just described how good my last shave was in terms of a clean shaven face but the underlying factor is that the deterioration between shave #3 and 4 is that dramatic it has changed my entire opinion on giving it the number one spot of choice.

    I will never commit myself to a blade longevity test again. :rolleyes: (The pain is not worth it!:) )

    To conclude "Feather" blades gave me a shave I have never experienced in my short introduction to DE shaving.

    It was great while it lasted but a compromise must be taken into consideration.

    The rapid deterioration and the expense of this blade is, in my opinion, not one to consider to use on a daily basis but certainly one to use for those special occasions.
    You will be definitely guaranteed an extremely close shave.

    Astra SP,s are now the leading contender. (again.)

    I apologise in advance for my newbie review but I have given what I hope to be an honest one as far as my experience so far is concerned.

    Happy shaving everyone! :)

    EDIT: P.S. Has anyone got a spare neck cause mine is still on fire.....:oops:
    Last edited: Thursday April 13, 2017
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  7. thegallus1


    At least you've tried Feather blades mate. I've been too chicken to have a go. :eek:

    Am waiting for a Wilkinson Sword Sticky to arrive so will give a Feather blade a go then.
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  8. Forget the Wilkinson Sword Sticky, just inform someone of your blood type. :p

    In all seriousness these are amazing blades providing you show them the utmost respect.
    NO pressure with the razor and I have had an amazing first and second shave.
    I am so new to DE shaving and am still learning the technique but these are manageable blades.

    The one thing I have learnt however, is to NEVER go past shave #3 with a single blade.
    I have read on here how some people have had #6 shaves with them without a problem but for me that would be impossible.
    My neck as we speak will tell you that. :oops:

    Take care,
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  9. Corto


    From my personal experience the second with a Feather is the best! hehe The first use of a Feather can be a bit rough, but the second and third are smooth and effective. I've heard/read of palm honing, or corking the blade to smooth it out but I'm afraid to damage the edge.
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  10. invicta


    It is not a blade that respects poor preparation or technique but with care, the first shave should not be an issue. I do not believe palm stropping or corking will improve the edge but some do it. The razor also makes a difference so another variable in performance.
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  11. Ferry-shave


    Going to try a Feather in the Hone 15 tomorrow :)
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  12. Good on you mate, let us know how you get on. :)

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