My latest Timeless baby

I am one of those people who adore form with function and from the moment I saw a Timeless razor it became one of my objects of desire. It stands there with my Oracle Delphi record deck and my Gibson Les Paul Goldtop. Fortunately Looney12345 had one for sale on the BST section and after some great and funny conversations it arrived.....after paying of course.

To me it just looks balanced from every angle and obviously a lot of thought has gone in to creating something 'different', but I also feel the lovely shapes and curves also have a function and not all 'ain't t pretty?'. The handle is beautifully machined, beautifully long (not for everyone but I do love a lengthy handle), beautifully weighted and the whole razor just sings 'quality'. The fit is superb and the way it holds the blade in place gives a whole heap of confidence. Nothing is going to move and everything stays where it should. Very much in the same way as the Seygus and the ATT M2.

I am a massive fan of the R89 (nothing has changed) and I have always loved the fact it inspires a safe and confident shave every time. I am so pleased to say the Timeless matches it here in every way. I have a few razors which give superb results but one has to be so so careful in their use. The Ikon SB being a 'misuse at your peril' item.

The big difference here over the 89 is the Muhle may give a very inspiring shave but it is not always a complete feeling. The one where there is nothing else to remove. The one which even your granddaughter finds fun in slapping your face without the fear of rash. This baby covers all sins and leaving the sink is a pleasure.

One area I have always thought the 89 wins my heart is around the chin and in the areas around the mouth. Again the Timeless is the equal and some more.

I am no expert on this game and have found clogging to be an issue at times but for some reason the Timeless has refused to play the 'clogging game' and I am sure the design plays a large part here. It just seems to dispose of excess cream very efficiently.

I find nothing to dislike so far and I would have to go to great lengths to nit pick to that level. Then again I don't think there is anything I would find anyway.

Overall I am exceptionally pleased with this razor in every sense. It is a massive pleasure to have in the 'team Satanfriendly' shaving cabinet (although I think it will live by the sink) and I can see it becoming a daily driver at times.

In between using I will happily be a Timeless watcher. Sitting on the toilet has never been such fun.
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