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New badger: Shaving stick + face lather, advise required

Discussion in 'Shaving Brushes' started by contextbinder, Tuesday December 5, 2017.

  1. Hello,

    herewith I would like to ask for some advise - I am looking to buy a new shaving brush, requirements:
    • Soap = Tabac Shaving stick, pretty hard
    • Face lather exclusively
    • Price: looking to stay around 100 €
    Advise regarding:
    • knot size: not to small, think somewhere arouund 22-24mm would do the job
    • Hair: best badger?
    All suggestions are welcome

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  2. You will get many many suggestions but for what it's worth I would go for the Semouge Owners Club Badger with Ash wood or Cherry wood handle, well within your budget and fantastic brushes imo YMMV! :) P.
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  3. Rufus


    To me, the Simpson Colonel X2L best badger meets all your criteria. Another maker you should consider is shavemac. You can customize (handle style, size and colour; knot diameter, loft and shape; badger hair type/grade) your brush with them. Their finest badger is more than a match for Simpson best in terms of price, quality and performance.
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  4. You could also give a try to one of those new aliexpress brushes from Yaqi; they make what seems to be a good brush in blue resin with a 24 mm fan shape finest badger knot. It is way cheaper but it could be worth a try.
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  5. Blackmass


    Maseto 24mm extra dense Finest. End of. ;):p
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  6. Bogeyman


    Buy a Tuxedo style synthetic for 10 € and spend the rest on soaps, after shave and/or loose women.
  7. Nisse


    Buy a 24 mm finest twoband knot set in a handle you fancy.
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  8. For the price you could get a few Masetos.. 2 band finests. I have two..they are great value. If Nick (The owner/Seller) would set the lofts a bit lower they would be outstanding. That's just my preference, however. And I am just splitting hairs :D PUN INTENDED.:D
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  9. He needs to get some new handles out though sharpish. I need some more Maseto brushes
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  10.'re right there Wayne. I would be interested...
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  11. Simpson Colonel X2L best badger for me.

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