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New to DE razors

Discussion in 'Shaving Help' started by Eurofighter, Thursday July 6, 2017.

  1. Put the PolSilvers at the top of your list.
  2. Put the PolSilvers at the top of your list.
  3. I was thinking about the Polsilver too.
    Is there a place in Europe where I can order the Rockwell 2c from?

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  4. Paul L

    Paul L


    Shave Lounge, based in the UK.
    They're good people to deal with.
    They have live chat on their website.
    Anthony is very helpful.
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  5. Thanks Paul, will have a look.

    Polsilver Iridium tonight, with Edwin Jagger sandalwood soap.
    Smooth shave, minor weepers - I blame either the aggressive Parker 24C or most likely my skill.
    Smooth blade, but the Wilkinson sword felt smoother.
    Good soap, but I still prefer the Windsor, can't really tell why.
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  6. Shaving bowl
    I've been exchanging emails with Victoria from Little Wren Pottery and we've got to the point where I have to provide dimensions. So I grabbed the first bowl from the kitchen and measured that. 125 mm in diameter and 50 mm height. I guess that's fine as it fits my palm. Are there any other characteristics that a good bowl needs? The inside : hemisphere or flat bottom and side walls?

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  7. I've got four shaving bowls, and, trust me, after a while a bowl is a bowl is a bowl. As long as the sides are steep enough and deep enough to swirl your brush around to get a good lather, and the size doesn't send the bowl flying out of your wet hand, you're good to go.
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  8. I based mine on The Captains Choice bowl. It measures 4.5 inch wide and 1.5 inch deep perfect size to hold and whip up a lather without clanking the sides constantly. I'd consider it perfect sized.
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  9. I'm probably over thinking the whole bowl thing.

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  10. I got this bowl from Home Bargains. It is 13cm wide and 7cm high. It comes in various colours and was about £2. Bargain

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  11. You've thought that out wayne! Lol
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  12. Windsor today - my favourite so far
    Polsilver iridium blade - second use
    The shave was very smooth, but I got quite a few weepers, mostly on my neck area.
    The angle of the razor is difficult - close to 90 degrees. [​IMG]

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  13. I've found this bowl in the kitchen and decided to bowl lather today. I think I got a better lather with more water in it. I used a wet towel instead of showering. The rest was the same: Windsor, muhle silvertip fibre, Polsilver iridium (3). I'm sure I can use that blade at least one more time. It went very smooth and the result was DFS. Again some minor weepers that I blame my skill for.

    I think it is me best DE shave so far!

    I don't think I suffer from BAD - I just need to try some of them to see which suit me, right? So far I'm up to 31 types.
    Also, three soaps and 15 samples doesn't qualify me for SAD, does it? :D

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  14. You seem to be getting better as the shaves progress. One thing you might want to try is a complete cold water shave. I exclusively cold water shave, even in winter. Less irritation and your face feels great afterwards. I have a thread about it on here. Give it a try
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  15. JohnnyO


    31 you say ? Nope, that's okay, you still haven't voided your amateur status.

    JohnnyO. o/
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  16. Is that an open comb razor? That might be contributing to your weepers.
  17. @Sportsbike - my first DE shaves were cold water ones and it didn't go well. After switching to warm water I saw big improvements. For the moment I'm sticking to warm water.

    @JohnnyO - good! :)

    @Steve Bowles - it is an open comb. Thanks to the postal services my closed comb razor never got delivered.

    I think the Parker 24C is a nice razor, but not really suited for a beginner. There is a huge transition from a Mach3 - holding the razor handle parallel to the skin to the 24C - holding the handle at a 45 degree angle or even more. Less than that and it becomes scratchy.

  18. Put the OC in a drawer for at least six months until you've mastered your technique with a straight bar/closed comb. Shave the easy way first, then tempt the gods.
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  19. That is the plan

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  20. Fourth and final use of the Polsilver Iridium blade. It might work for a fifth time, but there are too many blades to try! :)
    Wet towel, Windsor soap, bowl lathering, same result: smooth with a few minor weepers. Overall I am happy.

    With the Parker 24C I've noticed that is better to hold the head of the razor against my skin, tilt it until the blade starts cutting and then keep that angle. If I start the other way around, with the edge of the razor on the skin, it gets rough.
    I started looking again for razors and I think I will order another DE89. It seems to be a good razor for beginners.

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