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New to SE Razors

Discussion in 'Single Edge (SE) Razors & Blades' started by Gareth1982, Saturday May 20, 2017.

  1. Just ordered a Claymore from Executive Shaving. I know absolutely nothing about SE razors, but keen to give one a try.

    Any recommendations on blades? I ordered a pack of Feather Professional with it, but I'm not mad on Feather DE blades, so not sure how I'll get on with these.

    Any milder options available? Any others fit it that they don't list?

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  2. The Feather Pro is a Lovely Blade..The Best of that Type of Blade in My Books..None of these New Type SEs are Aggressive Shavers Anyway..The Feather Pro is a Very Sharp Blade & DEMANDS a FEATHER LIGHT TOUCH..They are Too Sharp or Too Much Blade for Some..But..That's Only for the 1st Shave or Two..:)

  3. patw


    Congrats on your first SE razor, the feather pro's are good blades but if your looking for something milder to compare with the pro, I would suggest the Kai captain titan mild pinks.
  4. Ferry-shave


    I agree with @patw - I find the Kai Captain Mild Pinks to be an excellent blade, milder than the Feather Pros. These give me an excellent shave. I am also new to SE shaving (second week :)).

    I was reasonably happy with the Feather Pros - always making sure that I was well lathered up and using the lightest of touches. However, these left my skin feeling tight after the shave.

    I am still very cautious with shaving with the SE. However, with the Kai Pink's I am more confident and less worried, compared to shaving with a Feather Pro.

    All the best,

  5. Cheers for the replies chaps, I'll try the Captain Mild too then. I'll have to be a bit more choosey, they're a fair bit more expensive than DE blades!

    Now for a stupid question, are all injector blades the same and will fit? There's only a few listed against the Claymore, but I thought this may have been because they were the ones Executive Shaving sell.
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  6. Fasa


    I d say try different makers' blade to figure it out. Schick proline is also quite nice

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  7. Well..1st..These are Not Injector Blades..They were Designed for Shavettes..Injector Blades are Shorter & Come with an Injector Magazine to Inject the Blade..:)

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  8. Good point!
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  9. Zanshin


    I've got a Captain Titan Mild in my Mk 1 Claymore at the moment. It's a very pleasant shave and has eliminated the tiny amount of soreness I was getting from the Feather Pro I used previously...but my lily white skin is quite sensitive.

    Connaught have them and give a price drop for bulk buys.
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  10. Fasa


    You can also find them in the bay from various sellers.

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  11. riverrun


    ... and sell individual blades and samplers...
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  12. Thanks, I'll check them out first.
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