Newbie...placing my first order

So my experimenting continues. Using the prorosa soap and a personna blade gave me an ok shave. Had a rather nasty shave first time and then second shave was better but just don’t think the blade is for me.

However over the weekend my order of osp orange and patchouli arrived along with the aftershave tonic and then due to a long delay a couple of samples which I’ll look forward to trying.

So the soap is fantastic. Wowzers it’s so much better than the prorosa and the smell is epic. Don’t think I loaded the brush to well tho. The soaps very hard and I think the brush might not have been wet enough. Will practice more.

This time I used a prosilver super iridium blade. Omg this thing is sharp!

Probably the closest shave I’ve had however I do think I got a bit carried away and managed to cut myself some more. It’s likely down to tehnique and the fact it’s a very very sharpe blade. I’m really struggling with my upper lip area though. Shaving down and accross is fine however shaving up seems to really tug - hence some cuts however this is the only way to get a close enough shave.

I think I’ll try a different blade again. Maybe the Astra, Gillette Nacet or Gillette Rubio plus.

After the shave I used orange and patchouli after shave tonic. Omg the mega sting for about 2 seconds was a wake up and a half however after it seemed to sooth quite well and the smell had last a good 4-5 hours which I thought was very good.

Anyway I’ll crack on. I’m confident I’ve got some great soaps and face lathering for around 3 minutes seems to help.

So many blades to try but slowly testing them and making a note on ones which are no good to ones which I think I’ll try again but when I’m more experienced. The prosilver I can imagine will be a great blade but maybe once my technique isa bit better
You don't have to do a 3 pass shave. It's up to you to decide what is enogh.

I'll only do a WTG & XTG on the upper lip, and at the momment I tend to avoid doing an ATG pass on most of my face, just do it in a couple of troublesome areas, and make sure i keep them lathered up.

It is taking me a while to not keep running over the same spot, like I used to do with a cartridge, after the soap is gone.

For me the persona is a bad blade! Interested in the soap . How strong is the scent! I assume it was the after shave which gave the long lasting scent,.

Beginners are often advised to use the Proraso, but a better soap or cream would be so much better!
That’s it it’s all individual. One mans perfect combo is another mans nightmare. I’ve got so many different blades that I’m doing two shaves per blade to find out which ones work.

The soap is fairly subtle, it’s just nice to have something that smells so lovely. Once the soaps washed off the smell is almost gone. It’s the tonic that lasts a little while. You don’t get the scent all day however you get the odd whiff which I liked.

Great soaps and I like the fact I’m suppprting a small British business. Will certainly be buying more.

Different blade next time and some more practice and I’m hoping I’ll soon crack it. Not had a great shave yet, I’ve had two good shaves and a few ok shaves but a lot of improvement can be made
eureka What a cracking shave I’ve had today.

So tried the Gillette nacet blade and used the osp Fougere shaving cream today and I’ve got to tell you about my shave.

First I found wtg and xtg the blade was ultra comfortable and glided very well. The osp cream was so easy to use and created a fantastic lather after working into the face for 3 minutes and loading with little bits of water. The smell was also great with a very slight menthol feel.

So I had the odd nick however they cleared up straight away unlike the cuts I had on my last shave.

3rd pass went well with a tiny tiny amount of irritation however it’s the closest shave I’ve had the DE and I managed the top lip without any cuts. Also no missing bits which I had tend to do on most shaves so far.

Rinsed of with cold water and cleaned up. Then followed with the osp orange and patchouli after shave tonic. Wowzers that stuff wakes you up. I used this last shave which tbh was a bit of a blood bath and the sting was unreal however this time it was fairly mellow and quite quickly soothed.

So a couple of hours after my shave and my face feels great. The shave is as close as The closest cartridge shave so I’m sure there’s still room for improvement.

Anyway it’s nice to have found a blade that works. I will continue a few more shaves with the blade and then will try another blade to have more Comparisons