Newly Acquired Dubi Duck Solingen 6/8th


Just Honed My Newly Acquired Dubi Duck Solingen 6/8th..Honed on a Naniwa Super Stone Progression & Finished on My Escher Thuri 16 K +..Took a Wicked Edge this Razor..Wasn't NOS this Razor But its Mint with Little Use..It had the Original Hone Job from the Factory I Reckon & Typically Wasn't Properly Bevel Set at the Heel Area..:)

A Beautiful Razor..My Next Shave..:D:D

Nice! The middle pin seen on this and other straights is it functional or mainly for looks? Is there a metal tube on the inside?
The Middle Pin is Functional Yeah..Its Just Adds a Bit of Strength to the Scales..More Solid Feeling in the Hand..Stabilizes the Scales So to Speak..There is a Plastic Spacer or Shim Inside to House the Pin & Strengthen the Scales..:)