Northshore Razors.

I was not keen on the bead blast finish on my Mongoose SE, so after some research, opted to try Scott at Northshore, great service :)

I shipped it via Royal Mail on the 12th February, got it back today, 9th March.

Head in ‘Dull Brass’, handle in black.

Royal mail £10, the work £43, return post £26 (with extra cover).

More photos to follow.
It looks far better than it ever did! Nice one. :) P.
First shave just now, using PAA Gondolier, a very good soap, I think that the thickness of the coating has affected the razor, it seems to have lost some blade feel, noticeable straight away on the first down stroke, still efficient but less bite.

The Mongoose is a great razor, a touch more efficient than the General for me, the new colours are fantastic but its all about the shave. Most of the razors in the reviews are all Slims or similar, and I have not read of any difference in performance..

Will try another soap next time but I think it will be the same.

Second shave using the creamy Portus Cale, and a good one, I had been using the General for the time the Mongoose was away, I guess you get used to one after a while, so picking up the Goose again things will be different, its possibly still lost a smidge but not as bad as I thought, or maybe its all in the mind!

However the bamboo handle in stainless finish was grippy enough but with the new coat I found my hand slipping, swapped out for the Icon for now.

The Portus is a lovely soap, lots of cushion & glide for me, shame the tub has a small diameter, would like more room for the 26mm.
Sorry to hear that you have lost a bit of feel from it @windows95

I was in two minds about getting a Slim Adjustable done by either NortShore or Delta Echo, in preference to a Rhodium plating job from Razor Emporium.

In the end I had a shopping "accident" on Saturday at BackRoadsGold, and got a rhodium slim adjustable for the correct quarter for me! So, won't be doing any funky colours soon.