Old geezer cap

After some solar skin damage on my baldy heid I seldom venture out without a covering, on Doctor's advice. Don't have a flat cap I fear Nisse, however my favourite head gear is a nicely shaped Breton cap from Nauticalia whivh can be smart or casual depending on whether I'm wearing a windcheater or a reefer jacket. Greatly underestimated in my view, a nice cap/hat you like.

JohnnyO. o/
Does anyone else wear their Panama whilst watching, "t'creekit", on TV?,...,.
I wear my Panama when I walk the dog or when just walking. What I like about this hat is that it fits nicely and is cool. I bought in Nice when I forgot to take my cotton duck sailing hat and I much prefer the Panama. I kind of fancied myself when I strolled along la Promenade des Anglais wearing it.
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