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OneBlade life time Warranty

Discussion in 'Single Edge (SE) Razors & Blades' started by Mr Bigmem, Wednesday May 16, 2018.

  1. Hi guys, i've just gone to have a shave with my beloved OB and it appears to be bent across the head, there is a distinct ripple and the line of the blade opening is not straight. It far from a cosmetic thing and I don't want to risk shaving with it. I know i've not dropped it and my wife swears she's not dropped it and it is always out of reach of my 3 year old son in a high cupboard so I have no explanation of whats happened.

    I can't imagine it would just bend when being stored in the OB leather holster. I don't store anything on top of it.

    I've reached out to OneBlade to see what can be done and will report back. Has anyone heard of anything similar or can provide input on what they think of what else I could do.

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  2. Ok i've had an email back from OneBlade and wow i've been blown away by their customer service. They have replied as following

    "Thank you for reaching out and I am happy to help here. I would be happy to take care of this for you and will need a couple of things. We would first ask that you send this back to us for inspection, a bend like this is typically a result of a drop or something being dropped on the razor and not one that develops naturally over time. However, we are happy to provide you a replacement 2.0 razor for this damaged razor at no charge. As this is not a manufacturing warranty we would normally charge $90 for a replacement but we will waive that and send you an industrial refurbished and cleaned 2.0 GENESIS."

    Now that's 5star customer service right there
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  3. [​IMG]
    Those Razors are Built Like a Tank..I have Used One..o_O

    I Get Straight Razors to Hone Quite Frequently that Have Clearly Been Dropped & Chipped..When I Say this to the Owner they ALL Say the Same..I Asked the Wife & Family if they Dropped it & the Answer was NO..I Sure Didn't..But Hey..Someone Did..MR NOBODY..:D:D

  4. Some sort of demonic influence? Anyways, that's good customer service amirite.
  5. Lol the only person I can guarantee that didn't drop it is me. So hence my wife swears part. Its when you're to scared to all out blame her for fu%king up your stuff lol
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  6. mpf9ret


    Hope that postage is not too high , and you do not get stung for Customs when the replacement comes. Surely if stored in leather pouch and dropped damage should not occur.
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  7. I don't think i'll ever know what happened but how I found it. My wife believes it wasn't her so i'm not pushing it. Regardless of how it happened it did. And the end result is better than i'd hoped. Shipping back to them will be about £15 tracked and i'll ask how I go about not paying customs again, as i'd already been hit with it when I purchased it
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  8. You Dont Need to Pay Custom Charges when its an Item You Have NOT Bought..They Can Mark it On the Customs Slip to that Effect..:D

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  9. Thank you dear sir
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