Oneblade v Supply

Well, whilst I still don’t think that there is much to be gained by a standard comparison, here are a few pointers.

They both have slightly odd shaped handles. I like the Supply but I am not so sure of the Oneblade Genesis. That is a really odd handle. By the way, I don’t like the Core for several reasons. So I don’t include it here.

They are both solid and well-engineered. No preference.

They each have a “buzz”. The Oneblade has a pivoting head. Mine doesn’t pivot a great deal but I guess it may loosen. The Supply has alternative heads. Both buzzes are fairly cool.

There is a grand choice of one blade for the Oneblade (!). This is a particular Feathers so it could be worse. Connaught have them, for UK shavers. Supply takes the two main injectors and, with a little effort, one of the Proline blades which are fabulous and, if you are keeping count, gives the Supply a huge advantage.

The Supply is fairly simple to pick up and use. The Oneblade needs a little practice.

The Supply is reasonably priced. Oneblade is frankly expensive. No one said this hobby would be cheap!

And the shave? The Supply is excellent. I am still getting to grips with the Oneblade but it is delivering Knick-free shaving so far.

It depends on what you want. I may sell one of them in a while but for now they are fun! And that is pretty much what I want.
Well, I have now completed 5 shaves with the OneBlade. Additional to what I have already said, I have two more comments.

The blade I started with lasted 4 shaves. This morning I tried for a 5th but it was frankly blunt. A real minus for the OB and it does make me wonder why they based their design around this blade.

But then, I hàve had 5 consecutively excellent shaves with it. I probably need to go back and run it off against the Supply and one of the Artists Club razors. That does sound like fun!
ok I think I understand the choice of blade for the OB now. It is noticeable thicker than other blades. But very sharp. I do frequently get minor facial damage with DE and SE blades, and even occasionally with carts. But so far absolutely no problems at all with the OB.

So if you have delicate skin (no, matron) or a tendency towards wheepers or other minor cuts or abrasions when shaving, possibly consider the OneBlade. One piece of advice though. I tend to jump between razors and types of blades. But the best results I get are when I stay with the OB for at least a few days. So if you decide to try it, dont give up.