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PAA "Dirt" - Soap Pass Around

Discussion in 'Lending Pool' started by Supermangs, Tuesday November 28, 2017.

  1. Where in the U.S. can you buy this Dirt? Please tell! :) P.
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  2. I just had a look on the PAA website but nothing..... it probably comes back in the spring.
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  3. Thread Update:

    I am now in custody of the soap.
    Surprisingly on opening the lid it stinks of dirt. :D

    Looking forward to trying it tomorrow.
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  4. Sorry for the late report, I wanted to wait a few days before posting :)

    I think it's safe to say I won't be looking to buy this scent :) as a soap it's as good as any PAA soap. If you like this scent then this is the soap for you, great performance and the scent strength is 10/10 for me. I enjoy earthy scents but "Dirt" was not what I was after :)

    Thank you @Supermangs for the opportunity to try this soap ;)
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  5. First thoughts of the soap:

    Open the soap lid and it took me back to my rugby days when I was tackled to the ground and the entire pack caved my head into the pitch.
    It certainly smells of dirt but perhaps posh dirt where one may find a little moss. :)

    The soap changes its scent once lathered into even posher dirt. Base note: Dirt. Middle/Heart: Dirt & Moss. Top/Head: Dirt & Forest Leaves
    It really is a soap that is an oxymoron. Why would you want to smother yourself in dirt? I would never have thought of it In a million years but I do like it. Very musky extreme fourgere that dissipates when lathered but the quality of the lather is top notch. I have never used PAA before but I will certainly be looking out for some now.

    An abundance of cushion with superb slick n slide and the lather is extremely easy to obtain.

    One more go and off she will trot to the next recipient.

    Many thanks @Supermangs for the opportunity. Very intriguing indeed. :)
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  6. That's exactly what I thought :) but there are people that really like the scent...

    PAA are my favourite soaps and by a long way. You tried version 2.5 and version 3.0 is perhaps even better.
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  7. Thanks for the update.

    Do you know any UK supplier of PAA?
    I must say I am really impressed with its performance.

    Many thanks,
  8. windows95


    PAA is top quality soap, I have Harvest Moon & Coconut Oud.
    PAA have a huge selection but as usual in uk we have only about 4 to choose from, Agent Shave is one supplier, shame Maggards dont stock with their excellent postage.
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  9. Shave station has a few scents.
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  10. I have just had a look. Decisions, Decisions.
    Sods law but the one I was particularly interested in was "Harvest Moon" but it is out of stock.

    I have put a shout out in the "Want to Buy" on BST but that is a long shot in the dark.

    I may go for Cavendish, I have not tried a scent profile like this one.

    Thanks for the heads up. :)

    EDIT: Just found it in Shave Station. I was looking at Agent Shave site. :oops:
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  11. CAD is the best barbershop that I've tried. Cavendish is also very good.
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  12. Does CAD have a strong scent profile in your opinion?

    Many thanks.
  13. globalm

    globalm Administrator Staff Member

    Where is this on its travels atm?

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