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Palmolive Classic

Discussion in 'Shaving Creams' started by shaunwistow, Saturday April 22, 2017.

  1. How do

    I keep going back to this cream, less than £2 a tube, got to say I really get on with it, very smooth & ive just had my best shave. I also have the Shave stick, is this just as good? If so, I quite fancy buying a nice ceramic pot & lid & making a hard soap from the stick, any thoughts? I've seen some people cut up sticks & put in a jar. Would melting the stick down into a liquid & pouring into a pot damage the ingredients?
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  2. Just grate it down into a bowl, smooth it out with a few drops of water and you're good to go. Heating it may well damage it. I think you can over cook it, damaging some of the ingredients, like tallow.
  3. Cheers, now on the look out for a nice ceramic/glass or wooden bowl with a lid
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  4. Connaught shaving do some nice wood bowls with lids in different sizes.
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  5. Pete


    Palmolive stick doesnt melt well, you really have to grate it and press it down into a bowl, with a little water. Needs a bit of patience too, I grate down four at a time to make a nice lather bowl. To avoid the ire of swmbo, don't use the grater from the kitchen.
  6. Great shout, £7.50 plus delivery, cheers
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  7. Easier than grating if you can't be arsed, slice it like a salami, place slices at your selected container, add a bit of water and let it amalgamated overnight, job jobs.
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  8. I prefer the stick to the cream, as I think it's a bit slicker. I'm sure you will like it. Can't advise on melting etc as I prefer to use mine as a shave stick.
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  9. I've never used the cream but my wife rescued the soap from the rubbish bin and now I use it regularly . ... I wasn't very keen on the scent before but I quite like it now ;) not the first time that happened to me and probably not the last time either.

    I cut the stick into thin slices and keep it in a glass container. I take one slice and place it in a bowl / scuttle and I get a great lather out of it. I don't discard what is left over, next time I use the bowl / scuttle I just use another soap over it and it helps produce a nice lather.
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  10. Never tried the cream. Is the scent the same as the stick? The stick has a very utilitarian smell, something like junior school toilets after being cleaned, which isn't actually that bad.
  11. Just a suggestion; If you like the Palmolive stick, then try Wilkinson Stick and Speick stick. They are very similar to Palmolive stick but different colour and smell. Wilkinson stick is Blue and Speick stick is Pink.
  12. 3 sticks @ 50p each, charity shop ceramic bowl with lid £1.99

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  13. Very similar to what i do with mine..i use a Cheese grater on mine, put into small manakin dishes, & small plastic snap on lids storage jars, both from Asda..
    Love the ceramic Bowl, it'll last you for ages..Palmolive shave sticks are my number 1 shaving soap product, great performer, wonderful protection excellent slickness.,superb post shave feeling classic old school scent!.all for 50p a stick..i still face lather with the stick, though..i find i get just as good lather as bowl lathering.;)
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  14. Eagle


    I simply couldn't have put this better myself. Hard to beat price, superb protection and post shave feel, works very well with after shaves/balms and easy to use/lather. I've got past the bowl craving, so face lathering works great for me. Plus this 50g stick lasts for AGES.
  15. Eagle


    Tried the Wilko as well and love the scent. I'm not entirely convinced that the performance is actually better than the Palmolive: the consistency and size is clearly similar, but it is noticeably slicker - perhaps due to the lanolin - and not always a good thing when shaving. I find it clogs my pores quite a bit and could be the reason for some small ingrown hairs (usually unsightly red spots). But that could be my fault for using a Balm that isn't a good batch with it.

    As for the Speick, I used this one over ten years ago and don't remember it much. I let it go too easily back then so I should give it another go. Perhaps I should start a swap thread in the BST to see if anyone is willing to let theirs go
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  16. TK Maxx often have nice little lidded casserole dishes that make perfect bowls for soap too.
    And I like the cream, I think the scent is much nicer than the stick but I do like both.
  17. neilwf


    I've been using Palmolive classic cream since forever I rarely use anything else. I only use the sticks when away from home.

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