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Palmolive soap sticks problem

Discussion in 'Shaving Soaps' started by Colin Stenburge, Friday May 18, 2018 at 07:45.

  1. Hi all,
    I’m experimenting Palmolive soap sticks. I’ve seen a few people on YouTube say how fantastic they are for the price.
    I love the smell, it reminds me of how men’s shaving smelt in the 1970s.

    My problem is no mater how I make the lather I can’t get enough moisture in it. I find it dries slightly on my face or clogs the razor and is difficult to rinse clear.

    Any ideas other than binning it?
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  2. More water is needed, you will know when you have it right, just keep practising's cheap enough! :) P.
  3. Don't give up on the humble Palmolive stick, once you've got the right consitantcy you'll be rewarded with a excellent lather, it's my favourite inexpensive shave stick...It is a thirsty stick. Regards.:)
  4. donnie_arko


    I presume you rub the stick on your face and then build the lather? You could try to load the brush by rubbing it against the stick and building a lather in a bowl or palm lathering it as that would allow you to see/feel the lather before it's on your face. Some people (like myself) cut the sticks into slices then mould into a bowl and brush load it which works very well.
  5. jimmyc


    The humble Palmolive stick performs way above its price point. I love it.
    <-- Just experiment. if its drying on your face that is a sure sign of a dry lather.
    when i first started using MWF i had a problem of it drying on my face. a couple of days with more water and i had it sussed.
    You cant go wrong with a Palmolive stick. :) ( or maybe at first) :D
  6. Dansco


    I hate sticks. Chop it up and smush it into a bowl. Much easier
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  7. dulac66


    I love them

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  8. Me too. They’re quick and convenient and always give good results.
  9. Michlaustn


    Indeed, fantastic for traveling with too.

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