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Parker Variant Adjustable DE Razors Now In Stock

Discussion in 'Executive Shaving' started by Executive Shaving, Wednesday April 26, 2017.

  1. [​IMG] We now have 20 each of the Parker Variant Adjustable Razors in all matte and black handle finishes. I believe the Variant will prove to be a game changer for Parker. The build quality is excellent and the solid brass construction gives the Variant good heft. Choose from settings 1-5 with half settings also so in all, 10 settings to choose from.
    While the Merkur Futur is a good shaver it suffers from an over bulbous head, the Merkur Progress now looks very dated and the plastic adjustment knob does it no favours.
    The Parker Variant is only £49.90 - now that is value for money!
    Read more here:
    The Executive Shaving Co. Ltd.
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  2. MrK1


    Is the top cap made of brass as well?
  3. All brass construction. So yes the head is also made from brass.
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  4. That is a very pretty razor, and a very good price. Has anyone got one and/or seen a review? I have a sense that Parker razors have variable quality control, so I'd be interested in the build quality.
  5. Deepak who runs Parker kindly gave me one around 6 weeks ago. It shaves well, no fuss, nice and close, no irritation. I loved the weight of the Variant. Mine was perfect. Deepak told me there was a slight issue with the plating on the early black handle version so Parker took stock, identified the issue, addressed it and he tells me they are OK now. His father has personally inspected every single variant that has left the workshop. Now that is attention to detail!
  6. Glen_Lee


    Thanks for the heads up Brian - just ordered the matte version. Been looking forward to this razor becoming available.

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  7. We'll get your Variant off to you tomorrow Richard. It's going crazy here for Variants.
    Thank you for your business, it's very much appreciated.
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  8. Glen_Lee


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  9. David68


    Hopefully I will be ordering mine in a couple of days
  10. nolisco


    Just placed my order for a Satin version. Looking forward to giving it a run out. Ordered and seemingly dispatched in under 20 minutes.
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  11. Looking forward to hearing how it stacks up against the Progress for you, looks good. :)
    Last edited: Friday April 28, 2017
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  12. The short handle Progress always looked to me more beautiful than the long handle one; in fact I have three Progress, all short handled (two vintage and one modern). I would like to see a short handle Variant, does anybody know if are there short handle versions coming?

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